Fellowship Sample Schedule | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Fellows will rotate through various clinical and non-clinical experiences every four weeks throughout the training period.

Curriculum Overview

4 Blocks Inpatient Hospital Service 
0.5 Blocks Community-based Hospital Medicine
0.5 Blocks Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Sedation
4 Blocks Electives (individualized Curriculum)
4 Blocks Scholarship/QI/Administration

Sample Schedule

Block 1 Hospitalist Service
Block 2 Scholarship/QI/Administration
Block 3 Scholarship/QI/Administration
Block 4 Scholarship/QI/Administration
Block 5 Hospitalist Service
Block 6 PICU/Sedation/Inpatient Rehab
Block 7 Hospitalist Service - Nights
Block 8 Infectious Disease Elective
Block 9 Hospitalist Service
Block 10 Community Hospital Service/Inpatient Rehab
Block 11 Scholarship/QI/Administration
Block 12 Hospitalist Service (Elective)
Block 13 Scholarship/QI/Administration