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Current Fellow Year 1 (FY1)


Niiang Mung, MD


James Matt Ritchie, DO

Academic Expectations:

-Take Child PRITE and use results for direct future learning goals.

-Welcome medical students on rotation and facilitate their educational exposure to CAP.

-Set personal academic goals for supervision and participate consistently in supervision. 

-With faculty supervision develop research protocol and obtain IRB approval if needed.

-Present 2 journals for journal club to faculty and other learners.


The Fellow Year 1 consists of rotations in the following areas:

  • 3 months of Consult Liaison - Covenant Childrens Hospital
  • 1 month of Pediatric Neurology
  • Experience In:
    -Adolescent Medicine

           -1 month of Adolescent Medicine
    -Child Protection Pediatrics
    -Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

    Dedicated time for research

  • 10% medication management continuity clinic
  • 10% therapy continuity clinic
  • Longitudinal experience with justice intervened youth residents
  • Urgent assessment clinic

Rotation Objectives in relation to ACGME competencies

Responsibilities of FY1 fellow

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Fellowship Coordinator      806-743-6021