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Cory Church

Associate Professor


  • Transition to Practice
  • Newly Licensed RN’s Workforce Issues
  • Nurse Residency Programs
  • Competency Development
  • Helping Students Identify Healthy Transition to Practice Work Environments. (October 6, 2021) The transition from student to the practice setting is stressful as a graduate nurse. Faculty should have conversations with students about having a healthy work environment after graduation to promote position satisfaction, patient safety, and the achievement of positive patient outcomes. Don’t miss this podcast with the experts: Cory Church, Texas Tech University, Sheri Cosme, Director, Practice PTAP and ANCC, and Meagan White, Senior Operations Manager, PTAP and ANCC.
  • Church, C. D., Cosme, S. White, M. Creating a Healthy Work Environment Conference, Sigma Theta Tau, Virtual, "Advocating for a Healthy Transition to Practice Work Environment," (February 2021)
  • Detecting the Right Fit: Finding an Accredited Nurse Residency Program. (December 2020) During this webinar, you will learn about how to detect your first right fit from the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Practice Transition Accreditation Program® (PTAP). We will examine essential elements of high-performing nurse residency programs.  You will walk away with tangible tips and tools to help you navigate the first steps of your professional nursing journey.
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