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Advance our research portfolio with emphasis on areas of strength and collaboration.

  • Develop infrastructure plan that maximizes resources and increases collaboration of research and scholarly activity in areas of strength
  • Explore novel funding opportunities and other activities to increase research and enhance TTUHSC's visibility and reputation

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  • Support the strategic objective and academic mission of the School of Nursing and TTUHSC in conducting research.
  • Facilitate interprofessional collaboration among TTUHSC, TTU, and SON researchers, SON students, community stakeholders and public/private sector partners. 
  • Promote professional development of researchers in the School of Nursing. 
  • Provide the needed infrastructure for SON faculty and staff to write manuscripts and grants.
  • Manage the Ken Ketner Sabbatical Awards. 

Staff and Board

The Center Director shall be the SON Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship and the current staff will include the SON Statistician and Research Administrator.  The Center will be governed by a board consisting of the Center Director, Chair of the Research Faculty Collaborative, Director of the Larry Combest Center, two associate professors/professors with funded research, one associate professor/professor with funded programmatic grants, and one novice faculty with no or limited internal external funding.

Proposed Center Activities

  • Oversight of Ken Ketner Sabbatical Awards (2 per year)
  • Oversight of SON annual research awards (Novice and Research Achievement)
  • Conduct or send faculty to grant writing workshops aimed at federal, state, and private foundation grant submission. 
  • Develop Center website.
  • Develop revenue stream.
  Center Director
Picture of Alyce Ashcraft Alyce S. Ashcraft, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FGSA, FAAN
Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship
  Center Staff
Picture of Alyce Ashcraft Dr. Seungman Kim
Senior Research Associate, Statistician
Picture of Alyce Ashcraft Jason Glikas
Research Administrator

Governance Board

Chair – School of Nursing Associate Professor – Dr. Cory Church
Collaborative Director of Larry Combest Center – Dr. Linda McMurry
School of Nursing Associate Professor – Dr. Rosalinda Jimenez
School of Nursing Associate Professor – Dr. Ronda Mintz
School of Nursing Assistant Professor – Dr. Elain Hillin


Areas of Research

  • Rural & Community Health
  • Aging
  • Women’s Health
  • Mental Health
  • Nursing Education

Research Funding



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