Below you will find important steps to follow in order to request and receive an evaluation of your transcripts if you are interested in the RN to BSN program only. To determine if you have satisfied the nursing prerequisites, Texas Core requirements, and GPA, follow the steps completely.

Step 1

To request a transcript evaluation thoroughly complete this form and submit it.

Note: All applicants to the RN to BSN program will have their official transcripts evaluated as part of the application process. Do not submit this request if you are also submitting an application at this time.

Step 2

Make arrangements for Official Transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended to be sent to:

TTUHSC School of Nursing
Office of Student Affairs
3601 4th Street MS 6264
Lubbock, TX 79430-6264


Only Official Transcripts will be evaluated.

Do not send:

  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Screen shots
  • Advising reports
  • SPEEDE transcripts
  • College Board Transcripts

Step 3

Transcript evaluations will be completed once we have received official transcripts from all of the colleges/universities that you have attended.

There is no timeframe for the completion of the transcript evaluation because:

  • We must receive the official transcripts from all of your colleges and some colleges take longer than others to get the transcripts to us.
  • Applicant transcript evaluations take precedence over prospective evaluations.
  • You can feel confident that we will process the transcript evaluations as quickly as possible.

Step 4

Once you have received the emailed transcript evaluation from us and you have determined the time period that it will take you to complete any prerequisites that you are missing, visit the admission requirements to review information concerning the application process.

Once an application is submitted and all supporting materials have been received, the TTUHSC School of Nursing Office of Admissions will conduct an official course evaluation. A transcript evaluation will be sent via email to the address listed on your application.


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