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Who do I contact for questions regarding leave? 

Joy Alsabrook
Senior Director - Abilene                          

Devona Smith
Senior Director - Amarillo and Dallas        

Kelly McGinnis
Senior Director - Lubbock                          

Elizabeth Balderrama
Senior Director - Permian Basin              

Michael Anderson
Director - Managed Care                 

FEMA Expense Documentation Submission (all campuses):

  • Compliance COVID-19 Updates
    The COVID-19 virus has invoked a number of regulatory changes at both federal and state levels. Please visit our Compliance COVID-19 updates learn of updates regarding telehealth, HIPAA privacy & security, immigration compliance, billing and reimbursement, and vendor interactions.


Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures


Incoming Packages, Mail, and Tanks 

  • Departments Working On-Site – Normal deliveries for departments that have a presence on-site all day. Please email with any questions or status changes.

  • Departments Working From Home – Items are available in BA085, loading dock on the east side of the 3601 4th Street HSC building, 8-12 & 1-5 M-F. Closed for lunch.
  • Outgoing mail, FedEx and other carriers will be processed daily. Bring any outgoing items to BA085 by 3 PM.

Vehicle Rentals and Pagers – Normal Operations. Keys and pagers may be picked up in BA085, Receiving & Mail, with prior arrangements.

Surplus – Closed until June 8. Surplus viewing will be strictly on-line only. No on-site cash sales.

Printing, Copiers, Bulk Mail, Movers, Scanning, Shredding, and Retail Postage Sales – Normal operations

Please email with any questions or concerns. 

Departmental Cash Receipts

Departmental Cash Receipts can still be dropped in the locked drop box located in the basement of 4th street outside the Parking office. We are monitoring and picking the cash receipts up throughout the week. If you have additional questions please contact Student Business Services as

Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

Mail/(FedEx, UPS, LSO) Deliveries

Staff will be onsite between 9AM – 4PM M-F to sort and deliver packages and mail.

  • Security will provide access for deliveries to be placed in main receiving area.
  • Outgoing FedEx, UPS, and LSO – Departments must use drop boxes in the community for outgoing packages.

Special Deliveries: Departments will be responsible to be onsite to accept a delivery, if they cannot be on site, please postpone the delivery.

Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

Mail/UPS, FedEx, LSO Deliveries
Mail processing and delivery will be performed between 8AM and 5PM daily. Mail is being delivered to all buildings. Departments that have not returned to campus fulltime will continue to be placed in SOM mailroom bins. To make other arrangements, please contact General Services at: to hold their mail delivery in bins in the mailroom.

  • Clinic deliveries: Will continue as normal, with special attention for temperature sensitive packages.
  • Freight Delivery: 8AM – 5PM; M-F; with staffing at both SOM 1st Floor office and at the Wallace building
  • Freight for areas that are still unoccupied is being held by the freight clerk and notification is done by either phone or email to alert someone that a package has arrived and is awaiting pick up or delivery instructions. Freight is being delivered to 1400 Coulter for all Coulter buildings and to 1400 Wallace for WHRI occupants.

Copiers are being serviced. Please contact Mark Hulsey @ 414-9939 for service, toner or paper. 

Shopping is available weekly at WalMart and Sam’s Club. Please contact for assistance and order form.

Surplus property is being accepted. Contact to make arrangements. 

Pager service is business as usual, contact Dena Ware @414-9938 or for assistance. 

Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

Mail will have normal delivery and delivered to Suite 545.

  • Open normal hours: M-F 8AM – 5PM.
  • Chris Yancey will notify personnel and tenants to come pick up their mail in Suite 545.

UPS/Fed Ex: Signs have been posted and will be rerouted to Office 545. Personnel can pick up and drop off packages there daily.  

Vendor/Contractor Health & Safety Procedures

Mail deliveries will continue to departments that continue to have staff onsite. General Services has contacted each department to see who will be on site or not.

  • 8AM – 4:30PM, M-F; mail staff will be onsite.
  • Mail staff will deliver mail to departments on site.
  • U.S Mail and Express delivery (UPS, FedEx, and LSO) mail will be delivered to the back entrances of all clinics to limit exposure.

Mail Deliveries accommodations: Mail staff will store deliveries in a vacant space until departments return or call for a pick up. 


TTUHSC Care Logo

We are fortunate to be a part of such caring communities -- ones that step up and support one another when we need it most. To ensure the safety and health of our communities during the COVID-19 outbreak, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) is accepting donations to support various needs during this unprecedented time. Learn more below regarding how you can help. For drop-off appointments reachout to the contact for your campus.

  • LUBBOCK: Megan McCrory  or 806.252.6821
  • AMARILLO: Mattie Been at 806.270.0273
  • PERMIAN BASIN: Jessica Zuniga at 432.553.9272
  • ABILENE: Finance and Administration Office at 325.696.0436, or 325.696.0406

Thank you coloring page

Say thanks!

We’ve created a coloring sheet that shows support for the frontline workers, you can download, print and color it. Please share it on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag it with #AllTogetherTTUHSC. We can’t wait to see your art! We may even share your submission on TTUHSC’s social media. Feel free to also display your coloring pages from your home windows or front door.


Helping Hands Food Pantry 

Our food pantry is designed to provide short-term access to supplemental food for our students, faculty and staff. We are grateful for any and all donations; for more information visit the Helping Hands Food Pantry. To help fight food insecurity for the members of the TTUHSC family, please make a monetary donation here

All Together


We hope these resources, spearheaded by your colleagues, help make life less stressful for our mission-essential team members as they care for others.



Comprehensive Four-Prong Approach

N-95 Decontamination — “Team Decon” uses a protocol approved by the Food and Drug Administration to decontaminate N-95 masks, extending their use. The team collects N-95 masks — currently serving front-line staff in TTUHSC clinics and at UMC — and then fumigates them using a hydrogen peroxide vapor solution that does not degrade the mask. The treated masks are then returned to the original user for reuse. Read more

  • Team Lead: Min Kang, Pharm.D., interim vice president for research.
  • Contact: Justin White

West Texas 3D COVID-19 Relief Consortium — A region-wide collaboration of experts, including from TTUHSC and TTU, are producing and distributing PPE such as face masks, face shields as well as ventilator parts. Learn more.

  • Team Lead: Simon Williams, Ph.D., associate dean for Academic Affairs and professor of Medical Education and Cell Biology and Biochemistry in the School of Medicine.
  • Contact: Simon Williams, Ph.D.

West Texas 3D Consortium Logo

Procurement of New Equipment — A team from our administration and School of Medicine work daily to identify needs and sources for PPE.

  • Team Leads: Brent Magers, MHA, FACHE, School of Medicine executive associate dean and Texas Tech Physicians chief executive officer; Matt Driscoll, School of Medicine Department of Surgery senior clinical administrator and Texas Tech Physicians chief innovations officer; Nicole Hines, R.N., MSN, CICC, director, Office of Institutional Health; and Ryan Schmidt, Ph.D., chair, School of Health Professions Department of Healthcare Management and Leadership.
  • Contact: Brent Magers, MHA, FACHE

HealthCare Logo

This team manages community donations of PPE for intake, storage and distribution to TTUHSC mission-essential team members. Additionally, this team works to support other needs as identified for students, faculty and staff.

  • Team Leads: Ashley Hamm, interim vice president of External Relations; Nicole Hines, R.N., MSN, CICC, director, Office of Institutional Health; Harry Slife, Ph.D., vice president facilities and safety services.
  • Contact: Ashley Hamm

In addressing PPE needs for our frontline health care workers, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) supports a comprehensive four-prong approach. If you are in need of PPE, please contact Nicole Hines, R.N., MSN, CIC, director, Office of Institutional Health.



Prior to any testing, please contact the Office of Institutional Health or the designated Health Surveillance Unit on your respective campus in order to expedite testing.

All TTUHSC faculty, staff and students are required to report possible COVID-19 exposures related to clinical work to the TTUHSC Office of Institutional Health. Additionally, team members are strongly encouraged to report personal exposures to the same office. Your safety and well-being are of utmost concern to us, and we will assist you in following appropriate protocols and/or gaining access to available resources.




TTUHSC is working diligently to identify solutions for alternate housing accommodations for those who have concerns about exposure of COVID-19 to their household members. Resources include accommodations for individuals who are non-symptomatic as well as for those who may be symptomatic and/or who have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Accommodations will be provided at no charge for mission-essential team members. 

Abilene: Cyndy Morris

Amarillo: Mattie Been

Lubbock: Sherry Westbrook

Permian Basin: Jessica Zuniga




Care Logo

We are fortunate to be a part of such caring communities — ones that step up and support one another when we need it most. The HealthCare team coordinates community donations to support our mission-essential team members.

For specific needs, please contact your campus representative:

Abilene: Cyndy Morris
Amarillo: Mattie Been
Lubbock: Megan McCrory
Lubbock Testing Lab: Clarissa Sanchez
Permian Basin: Jessica Zuniga 


Managing your mental and physical health is critical to your well-being, especially during times of uncertainty, such as that caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Counseling Center is a resource for staff and faculty, including their families, available via telehealth or in-person. All counseling is free and confidential.

Please visit the counseling center here for more information.


Presidential Communications

town hall series button

The goal of our town hall meetings are not to simply “present” information. They are meant to encourage a two-way dialogue so that our TTUHSC community feels connected, informed, and heard. WATCH NOW