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Patient-Oriented Research

One of the driving factors of the TTUHSC Clinical Research Institute is promoting patient-orientated research. Our office is experienced in conducting Phase I through Phase IV pharmaceutical and device, industry-sponsored, as well as investigator-initiated research protocols. 

Want to help in the advancement of science? Learn how you can make a difference by volunteering in a clinical research study. VOLUNTEER

Education and Training

Conducting research requires knowledge and understanding of the process and the federal regulations involved. The CRI offers a variety of educational programs at multiple experience levels. Some are formally approved courses and electives; others award certificates, however, most include practical application of learned skills. MORE

Services of the Clinical Research Institute

  • Study design: based on statistical considerations from the beginning
  • Data analysis: by a biostatistics/epidemiology group
  • IRB submissions: IRB submission preparation for human study approval
  • Study conduct for in-patient and out-patient projects: recruiting subjects, scheduling appointments, performing procedures (i.e., blood draws), BMD tests, EKGs, etc. and collecting data
  • Dissemination of results

Proposal Review Standards

  • Feasible: adequate subjects and expertise, affordable in terms of time, money and manageable in scope
  • Novel: confirms, refutes or extends previous findings
  • Ethical: acceptable and confidential treatment of subjects
  • Relevant: related to advancing scientific knowledge, clinical and health policy or future research 

Dr. Alan Peiris Retirement Retirement Notice


Motivated Students Needed

Need 2 motivated students to help bring a research project to fruition' Project involves medical education and used survey software to assess clinical skills in students.  Authorship in paper is anticipated with active participation.  Contact Dr. Alan Peiris

Dean's Summer research program

The CRI has been contacted by medical students looking for faculty mentors interested in helping them with CLINICAL RESEARCH in the Dean's Summer school research program.  Please contact the CRI if you can help our deserving and motivated students. 

Case Report for Interested Students/Faculty

CRI is pleased to offer another case report in its ongoing effort to promote medical writing. Please note expressed interest is on a first come first served basis.

Potential case report and a review on management aspects of pheochromocytoma. Two separate publications anticipated.  Please contact Dr. Alan Peiris at

IRB - Deadline Date

  • June 17, 2019

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