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Supporting the University

In Communications & Marketing we’re passionate about promoting the growth, brand equity and advancement of the university locally, across the state and around the world.

We've taken time to evaluate and study the work we do and where we need to be to perform at the highest level and bring maximum return. As a result, we have made adjustments to shift our focus to work that has universal benefit.

Our work:

  • Supports our regional presence and growth
  • Builds brand awareness and differentiation
  • Advances the reputation of the university
  • Supplies timely and relevant expertise

Making Time to Grow

In order to support the critical needs of our schools and departments, we have allocated time for our services (design, photography and videography) accordingly.

50% of Communications and Marketing’s trackable time will focus on universally beneficial initiatives. This includes projects and initiatives like brand development, Search Engine Optimization, social media strategy, major campaigns and website development.

20% of time is allotted for schools individually-defined priorities. Examples include school anniversary campaigns, student led school initiatives and paid campaigns less than $20,000. Each school has the opportunity to manage and budget time accordingly.

The remaining time is allocated:

  • 20% for the President’s Office
  • 5% for Institutional Advancement, Alumni, Governmental Relations and
  • 5% for Texas Tech Physicians


marketing liaison project manager

Meet Your Liaison

New department specific liaisons have been selected and will be responsible for outlining annual marketing needs and managing the use of allotted hours for their team.

In order to make the best use of these hours, liaisons will work with their teams to create a list of anticipated projects. Since hours are limited, some projects may need to be outsourced.

Plan Your Projects

Plan ahead now to create your list of project needs for the year, and meet with your liaison to budget hours accordingly.

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