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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.
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Social media is an essential part of every university’s marketing. With the potential to reach thousands of people with each post, our social media content is centered on telling our stories to an outward-facing audience that includes our students, employees and community members.

What We Do

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) social media team is the official voice of these university-level accounts and more.

Our team of experts are constantly working to build a compelling content calendar that best represents our university and schools and is relevant to our audience. View all of TTUHSC's social media accounts for its various schools, departments and centers. 

How We Work 

In addition to a complex calendar of content to distribute across our social media channels, our social media team receives an abundance of requests to be featured on social media. All requests are reviewed based on the content type, quality, target audience and timeliness. Not all content is appropriate for social media. Our social media team reserves the right to select what content will be featured.

We rely heavily on employees and students who keep us in the loop and appreciate all efforts to support our university social media. Please consider sharing with us:

  • Inspiring stories of individuals in our TTUHSC community
  • Significant awards and accolades
  • TTUHSC impact in the community
  • Fresh ideas and new perspectives at TTUHSC
  • Beautiful, fun and engaging photos 

All TTUHSC social media accounts must be requested and approved through Communications & Marketing. Social media pages may be considered for TTUHSC campuses, schools, departments and other independent business units. Each account request will be reviewed by both Communications & Marketing and a social media liaison assigned within the appropriate school.