Pablo Artigas, Ph.D. Publications | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Medical Student using high powered Nikon microscope

Selected Publications:

Victoria C Young and Pablo Artigas (2021).
Displacement of the Na+/K+ pump's transmembrane domains demonstrates conserved conformational changes in P-type 2 ATPases
Dylan J Meyer, Sharan Bijlani, Marilina de Sautu, Kerri Spontarelli, Victoria C Young, Craig Gatto, and Pablo Artigas (2020).
FXYD protein isoforms differentially modulate human Na/K pump function.
Hang N Nielsen, Kerri Spontarelli, Rikke Holm, Jens Peter Anderson, Anja P Einholm, Pablo Artigas, Bente Vilsen (2019).

Distinct effects of Q925 mutation on intracellular and extracellular Na+ and K+ binding to the Na+, K+-ATPase.

Kevin S Stanley, Victoria C Young, Craig Gatto, Pablo Artigas (2018).
External Ion Access in the Na/K Pump: Kinetics of N+, K+, and Quaternary Amine Interaction.
Dylan J. Meyer, Craig Gatto, Pablo Artigas (2017). On the effect of hyperaldosteronism-inducing mutations in Na/K pumps.
Rikke Holm, Jaanki Khandelwal, Anja P. Einholm, Jens P. Andersen, Pablo Artigas and Bente Vilsen (2017). Arginine substitution of a cysteine in transmembrane helix M8 converts Na+,K+-ATPase to an electroneutral pump similar to H+,K+-ATPase
Kevin S. Stanley, Dylan J.Meyer, Craig Gatto, Pablo Artigas (2016). Intracellular Requirements for Passive Proton Transport through the Na+,K+-ATPase
Rui H, Artigas P, Roux B (2016). The selectivity of the Na(+)/K(+)-pump is controlled by binding site protonation and self-correcting occlusion.
Christopher M. Stanley, Dominique G.Gagnon, Adam Bernal, Dylan J.Meyer, Joshua J.Rosenthal, Pablo Artigas (2015). Importance of the Voltage Dependence of Cardiac Na/K ATPase Isozymes.
Travis J. Mitchell, Camila Zugarramurdi, J. Fernando Olivera, Craig Gatto, Pablo Artigas (2014). Sodium and Proton Effects on Inward Proton Transport through Na/K Pumps.
Charitha Galva, Pablo Artigas, Craig Gatto (2012). Nuclear Na+/K+-ATPase plays an active role in nucleoplasmic Ca2+ homeostasis.
Haibo Yu, Ian M Ratheal, Pablo Artigas & Benoît Roux (2011). Protonation of key acidic residues is critical for the K+-selectivity of the Na/K pump
Ian M. Ratheal, Gail K. Virgin, Haibo Yu, Benoît Roux, Craig Gatto and Pablo Artigas (2010). Selectivity of externally facing ion-binding sites in the Na/K pump to alkali metals and organic cations
Yaragatupalli S, Olivera JF, Gatto C, Artigas P (2009). Altered Na+ transport after an intracellular alpha-subunit deletion reveals strict external sequential release of Na+ from the Na/K pump.
Ayako Takeuchi, Nicolás Reyes, Pablo Artigas & David C. Gadsby (2008). The ion pathway through the opened Na+,K+-ATPase pump
Pablo Artigas, Subhi J. Al'Aref, E. Ashley Hobart, Laín F. Díaz, Masayuki Sakaguchi, Samuel Straw and Olaf S. Andersen (2006). 2,3-Butanedione Monoxime Affects Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Channel Function through Phosphorylation-Dependent and Phosphorylation-Independent Mechanisms: The Role of Bilayer Material Properties