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Our mission is to advance the field of Orthopaedic Surgery by promoting, supporting, developing, and fostering research initiatives. We are dedicated to enhancing the growth of faculty and residents, while continuously striving to elevate the quality of patient care.


We envision a future where orthopaedic research reaches new heights through unwavering excellence in collaboration, communication, and passionate advocacy.


Our goal is to establish ourselves as the preeminent platform for groundbreaking musculoskeletal research discoveries. We aim to facilitate innovative orthopaedic research, emphasizing the critical importance of musculoskeletal studies and advocating for increased, sustainable funding in this vital field.


Clinical Research Team


Co-Director of Orthopedic Research


Cyrus Caroom MD

Associate Professor

Phone: 806.743.2465

Co-Director of Orthopedic Research


Brendan J. MacKay MD

Associate Professor

Phone: 806.743.4600

Clinical Research Coordinator 


Jarrod Martinez PhD


Phone: 806.743.7422

Research Associate 


Evan J. Hernandez


• Member, ISHA Hip Preservation Society (2023-present)
• Member, Global Nerve Foundation (GNF) (2023-present)
• Member, American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) (2023-present)
• Member, American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) (2023-present)
• Member, American Psychological Association (APA) (2023-present)

• Publication Committee, Global Nerve Foundation (2023-present)

Phone: 806.743.3520


Resident & Student Information 


Steps for Doing Research with the Department

Payment for Publication

Once your paper is accepted, you will complete this form with the relevant information so your publication is paid  

Poster & Podium Information  

Please fill out this form when you have a poster/podium presentation

IRB Access

Before you have access to Cayuse you must complete the following steps:

Go to and click on the ‘Register’ button (upper right corner).   Under ‘Select Your Organization Affiliation’, type in 'Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center'.   Continue setting up your account by following the Registration steps #1-7 below.

Steps 1-6:  Answer the questions regarding ‘Personal Information’.  NOTE: Register with your TTUHSC or TTU email address unless you do not have either (i.e. you are an Outside Collaborator).  NOTE:  If you are interested in CEU credit, make sure you answer the questions in Step 5 accordingly.

Step 7:  It is very important that you answer these questions correctly, as they determine which course(s) you will receive access to.  Please answer as instructed below:

  • Question #1 – Select ‘Biomedical Investigator Course: Research Investigators, Research Personnel, and IRB members’.
  • Question #2 – Answer this question based on whether or not you have previously completed the Biomedical Investigator Course (whether at TTUHSC or another institution).
  • Question #3 – Select ‘Not at this time’.
  • All other questions can be skipped.
  • COVID-19 Question – the very last question on the list is required to be answered (by CITI). It is information about COVID-19 and remote contact tracing.  Please note that it is NOT required by TTUHSC.
  • When you are done adding courses, click ‘Complete Registration’.

The ‘Biomedical Investigator Course’ (and any others you have selected) will now show in your CITI account under the ‘My Courses’ tab.  Click on the ‘Start Now’ button for the course.  You will need to complete each module before moving on to the next one.

TTUHSC requires an overall score of at least 90% in order to successfully complete the course.  Once you have completed the course, you can go to the ‘My Records’ tab in your CITI account to access the completion report/certificate.

Conflict of Interest/Commitment (in Research) Disclosure

TTUHSC policy requires that all research study personnel disclose any actual (or potential) conflict of interest, and have a current financial disclosure on file.  This is done by completing the Conflict of Interest and Commitment (COIC) Training and Disclosure module at least annually, AND updated within thirty (30) days of a change in significant financial interests.  You will need to complete the COIC module if you are:

  • Research PERSONNEL involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of human subject research - both Non-Exempt and Exempt studies
    (this applies to: all TTUHSC Faculty/Staff/Residents/students)
  • Research STAFF involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of human subject research (i.e. RIO, CRI, etc.)
  • Listed as study personnel on any grant administered through the TTUHSC OSP (including educational and public service grants)
  • Serving as a member of a Review Board (includes both Amarillo and Lubbock)
  • Requesting an Cayuse account for ANY other reason (including course requirements)

Once Steps are Completed

Contact for Cayuse Access:

Jennifer Board, BS

IRB Education Coordinator