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Yearly Salary

PGY 1 - $63,725.03
PGY 2 - $65,165.66
PGY 3 - $67,223.47
PGY 4 - $70,283.84
PGY 5 - $72,369.95

PGY 1 - 21 Working Days  
PGY 2 - 28 Working Days
PGY 3 - 28 Working Days
PGY 4 - 28 Working Days
PGY 5 - 28 Working Days

7 Working Days per year.

Health/Dental Insurance

The individual monthly premium for the group hospitalization coverage is furnished by TTUHSC. Coverage for dependents is available at the House staff Officer's (Resident's) expense. A $5,000 term life insurance policy and $5,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage is included in the insurance plan.

Long-Term Disability - Is provided by TTUHSC for all residents and their eligible dependents.

Professional Liability Insurance

Coverage for House staff Officer (Resident) is at the level of $100,000-$300,000 while participating in TTUHSC sponsored training activities. This insurance covers any activity which is part of Appointee's training program.

Other Benefits

Monthly meal allowance, lab coats and laundry service. Membership to AAO-HNS including FLEX (Focused Lifelong Education Xperience) Home Study Course.  ACLS and ATLS required. ACLS and ATLS must be obtained prior to start of residency. The department will pay for ACLS renewals through residency. 

House Staff Policies

To review our policies, please click House Staff Policies 


  • Meeting Expenses-for meetings where resident is presenting an abstract and has written the manuscript in journal format
  • Resident office area is equipped with computer and access to the internet and database programs

Residency Program Contact Information

Lisa Campbell
Unit Manager-Residency Program
3601 4th St., MS 8315
Lubbock, TX 79430
P: 806.743.3489
F: 806.743.2374