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A Word from the Program Director


Otolaryngology Residency training consists of five years in a formal otolaryngology program with six months of non-otolaryngology rotations (ICU, General Surgery, Trauma, Anesthesia, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology).  We as a faculty group view this apprenticeship model of training as a commitment to your education.  We expect the same dedication from our trainees.  During your residency, you will have the opportunity to provide patient care under the direction of full-time faculty and adjunct faculty.  You will have access to a multitude of resources including online database, human anatomy lab, didactics, and medical conferences.

Each rotation will focus on the educational objectives to reflect growth in 1.) Medical Knowledge, 2.) Professionalism, 3.) Patient care with practice-based learning, 4.) Interpersonal Communication skills, 5.) System-based practice.  Residency training is a marathon and not a sprint!  Take joy in that journey and remember to take away learning points from each situation that you encounter.  The small interactions can be sometimes harder than some of the tangible aspects of residency.  We expect you to commit yourself into becoming the best otolaryngology resident that you can be.


Our Mission

“Our Mission is to assure that at the completion of their five-year training our Graduates are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and technical skills to succeed professionally whether they choose academic or private practice, with or without further fellowship training. Our graduates will be expected to have the maturity, personal skills and ethical standards to become respected and productive members of the surgical profession.”

Winslo Idicula

Winslo Idicula, M.D.
Associate Professor and Program Director
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

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