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Pain Mechanisms

Dr. Guangchen Ji's current research program focuses on the interactions between the amygdala and cortical areas related to pain. Dr. Ji uses electrophysiological single-cell recordings in different brain areas and various behavioral assays to correlate neuronal activity with behavior. For example, computerized vocalization analysis allows the study of nocifensive and affective components of pain. The elevated plus-maze test allows the analysis of anxiety-like behavior. Conditioned place-preference assay measures higher-integrated learning and extinction behavior. A reward-based decision-making task measures cognitive functions. 
Dr. Ji's previous work involved the analysis of peripheral neuroplasticity in chronic pain. Electrophysiological single fiber recordings in an in vitro skin-nerve preparation and behavioral assays were used to study pharmacological receptors on peripheral nociceptors and pain behaviors.

Confocal Facility Manager:

Dr. Ji, appointed as the Pharmacology Neuroscience Department Confocal Facility Manager. 


NINDS/NIH, R01 NS109255 - Pronociceptive and antinociceptive opioid mechanisms in the central nucleus of the Amygdala” 
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