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Graduate Program Guidelines

All requirements for the individual graduate degrees (M.S., M.D./Ph.D., Ph.D.) follow the requirements of the TTUHSC Graduate Program. The general requirements for those Programs are outlined in the TTUHSC Graduate catalog. The program follows the rules and regulations of graduate studies (i.e. grade point average, etc.) of the TTUHSC Graduate School. Those rules are outlined in the TTUHSC Graduate Catalog. Requirements for the thesis and dissertation style are defined by the TTUHSC Graduate School. Additional requirements regarding academic standing
Grade Policy 
The Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology program reserves the right to terminate from the program any student who recives a failing grade (C,D, or F) in any graduate course or who is on academic probation with the GSBS.

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PhD Expectations

Masters Expectations

Courses in Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology will both establish a core background of knowledge in the disciples but also emphasize the development of critical thought in graduate students rather than the ability to memorize facts.Following completion of the GSBS Core Courses in the Fall Semester of Year 1; CTNP students with take the following courses:Spring Semester Year 1:GTNP 5303 Principles of Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology; GMBP Human Physiology; GTNP 7101 and 7102 Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology Seminar and Readings; GSBS 5098 Techniques in Biomedical Science Research; and GSBS 5101 Responsible Conduct of Research.Summer Semester Year 1:GTNP 7000 Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology Research TNP Students are expected to enroll in GTNP 7101 and 7102 (seminar and readings courses) every Fall and Spring semester with the following exceptionsFall Semester Year 2 (while enrolled in Medical Pharmacology and Integrated Neuroscience course) and the semester in which they complete their PhD Dissertation Defense.TNP students must also complete a graduate level course in statistics (please consult with TNP graduate director)