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We are delighted to announce that Dr. Michael Blanton has been chosen to receive the "Unsung Hero" award for his immense contributions to our students, faculty, and staff. Congratulations, Dr. Blanton!

 It is with great pleasure to congratulate Dr. Volker Neugebauer on being this year's Douglas M. Stocco Scholarship/Research Award. Congratulations Dr. Neugebauer!

Congratulations to Dr. Igor Ponomarev on being awarded tenure by the Board of Regents! We greatly appreciate his hard work and commitment to the department and institution. 

Congratulations to Ph.D. Students Brent Kisby (Mentor, Dr. Ponomarev) and Praneetha Panthagani (Mentor, Dr. Susan Bergeson), on being chosen for a travel award to the Behavior, Biology and Chemistry meeting in San Antonio, Texas. 

Congratulations to Brent Kisby, Ph.D. Student in the Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology Graduate Concentration, the recipient of Reid L. Norman & Cynthia Jumper Excellence in TNP Scholarship.

CTNT's 8th Annual Symposium | April 17th

The Center of Excellence for Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics (CTNT) and Garrison Institute on Aging (GIA) will hold their 8th Annual Symposium on Wednesday, April 17th.

To register for this event and/or submit a poster abstract, please click here.

For additional information on this year's symposium, visit CTNT's Annual Symposium page by clicking here

We would like to give a warm welcome to the new members of the department. We are excited to have them on our team and look forward to helping them achieve their goals.

  • Heather Russell
  • Elizabeth Adeniji

The Department of Pharmacology and Neuroscience would like to welcome the following faculty:

  • Chhanda Bose, Ph.D.
  • Boris Decourt, Ph.D., University of Bordeaux
  • Hongmin Wang, Ph.D., University of Idaho

We look forward to working alongside them and know their expertise will be a great addition to our team! 

We'd like to welcome the following students to the Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology Concentration: 

  • Philip Antwi-Adjei (Spring 2023), Philip will be joining Dr. Igor Ponomarev's lab.
  • Zachary Hurtado (Spring 2023), Zachary will be joining Dr. Volker Neugebauer's lab.
  • Caezaan Keshvani, (Fall 2022), Caezaan has joined Dr. Patrick Reynold's lab.
  • Neha Sawant, (Spring 2023), Neha will be joining Dr. P. Hemachandra Reddy's lab.
  • Tenley Lehman, (Summer 2023), Tenley will be joining Dr. Patrick Reynold's lab.


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