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 Administrative policies for the School of Medicine are developed and maintained in categories indicated by the tabs below. Documents listed here are the most current version, and printed copies of policies are obsolete.

  • SOM Faculty Appointments—20.01
    • Faculty Appointments Checklist—20.01.A Word / PDF
    • Request to Recruit—20.01.B Word / PDF
    • Request to Hire—20.01.C Word / PDF
    • Faculty Position Class Codes and Titles—20.01.D
    • Interview Comments—20.01.E Word / PDF
    • Physician Employment Agreement, Non-Tenure Track—20.01.F
    • Physician Employment Agreement, Tenure Track—20.01.G
    • Guidelines for Clinical Faculty (Non-Paid) Appointment-Reappointment-Promotion—20.01.H
    • Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty Appointment-Reappointment-Promotion—20.01.I
    • Faculty Appointment Requirements—20.01.J
    • Physician Employment Agreement, J-1 Waiver—20.01.K
  • SOM Faculty Profiles—20.02
  • Faculty Council Bylaws—20.05
  • Faculty Grievances—20.10
  • Appeal of Dismissal, Termination, and Non-Reappointment—20.11
  • Health, Wellness and Rehabilitation of Faculty, Physicians in Training (Fellows and Residents), and Students—20.12
  • Faculty Evaluation Guidelines and Procedures—20.20
    • Faculty Evaluation Self-Report—20.20.A
    • Faculty Summary Report and Confirmation—20.20.B
    • Clarification/Rebuttal—Faculty Summary Report—20.20.B.1
  • Faculty Tenure and Promotion—20.21
    • SOM Procedures for Tenure and Promotion—20.21.A
    • SOM Tenure and Promotion Timeline—20.21.B
    • Tenure and Promotion Curriculum Vitae—20.21.C
    • Instructions for Tenure and Promotion Curriculum Vitae—20.21.C.Instructions
    • Tenure Option Form—20.21.D
    • Tenure Track Reference Template—20.21.E
    • Non-tenure Track Reference Template—20.21.F
    • Clinical Excellence Reference Template—20.21.G
    • SOM Procedures for Tenure and Promotion Committee—20.21.H
      • Pre-Review Certification Regarding Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality—20.21.H.1
      • Post-Review Certification Regarding Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality—20.21.H.2
  • Mid-Cycle Review—20.22
    • Mid-Cycle Review Curriculum Vitae—20.22.A
    • Instructions for Mid-Cycle Review Curriculum Vitae—20.22.A.Instructions
    • Form Declining Participation in Mid-Cycle Review—20.22.B
  • SOM Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty—20.23
    • Post Tenure Peer Review Timeline—20.23.A
    • Peer Review Report — Individual—20.23.B
    • Peer Review Report — Team—20.23.C
    • Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Report—20.23.D
    • Professional Development Plan—20.23.E
  • Outside Compensation to Clinical Faculty—20.30
  • Basic Science Department Year-End Incentive Compensation—20.31
  • Clinical Science Department Year-End Incentive Compensation—20.32
  • Inter-campus Visiting Professor Program—20.40
  • New Clinical Faculty Positions—20.50
  • Grading Policy—30.01 
    Reviewed July 8, 2020 by Education Policy Committee
    • Clerkship NBME Grading Tables—30.01.A 
      Reviewed June 2, 2022
    • Assessment of Professional Behavior in Clerkships—30.01.B 
      Reviewed June 19, 2014
    • Grading Policy Detail for Years 1 and 2—30.01.C 
      Reviewed October 21, 2021 by the Educational Operations Committee
    • Grading Policy for Professionalism in Years 1 and 2—30.01.D 
      Reviewed June 15, 2017 by the Education Operations Committee and the July 13, 2017 by the Educational Policy Committee
    • Adhering to Fair and Timely Grade Assignments—30.01.E 
      Reviewed September 7, 2018 by the Clinical Education Operations Committee
    • Grading Policy for OSCE—30.01.F
      Approved December 19, 2018 by Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee
    • Grading Policy for Clinical Assessments—30.01.G
      Approved July 9, 2021 by Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee
    • Grading Policy for Clerkship Final Grade30.01.H 
      Approved July 8, 2021 by Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee
  • Student Workload/Duty Hours—30.02 
    Reviewed April 7, 2016 by the Educational Policy Committee
  • Electronic Devices in the Classroom—30.03 
    Reviewed September 12, 2018 by the Educational Policy Committee
  • Administration of Examinations—30.04 
    Reviewed June 2, 2016 by the Educational Policy Committee
  • Narrative Assessment—30.05 
    Reviewed March 3, 2016 by the Educational Policy Committee
  • Formative Feedback—30.06 
    Reviewed March 3, 2016 by the Educational Policy Committee
  • Family Medicine Accelerated Track Committees—30.07 
    Reviewed April 7, 2016 by the Educational Policy Committee
  • Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment—30.08 
    Reviewed August 24, 2017 by the Student Affairs Committee
  • Educational Record and Grade Appeal Policy—30.09 
    Reviewed July 13, 2022 by the Educational Policy Committee
  • Clinical Supervision of Medical Students—30.10 
    Reviewed September 1, 2016 by the Educational Policy Committee
  • Campus Assignment—40.01
  •  Student Attendance Policy-40.02  
  • Student Conduct—40.03
  • Student Promotion—40.04
  • Student Mistreatment—40.05
  • Dispute Resolution Between/Among Students—40.06
  • Impaired Students—40.07
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Infection Policy for Medical Students—40.08
  • Student Leave of Absence—40.09
  • Annual Departmental Program Report—50.01
  • Applications—50.02
  • Eligibility, Selection and Appointment—50.03
  • Away Elective Rotations—50.04
  • Certificates of Completion—50.05
  • Changing Programs—50.06
  • Closure/Reduction of Residency Programs—50.07
  • Dedicated Time for Program Directors—50.08
  • Delayed Start—50.09
  • Disaster Policy—50.10
  • Dismissal of Residents—50.11
  • Familial and Consensual Relationships—50.12
    • Familial or Consensual Relationship Agreement and Management Plan—50.12.A
  • Grievance and Appeals Procedures—50.13
  • H1-B Visas—50.14
  • Infectious Disease Exposure Policy—50.15
  • Insurance Premiums for Residents on Leave Without Pay—50.16
  • Licensing Examinations (USMLE/COMLEX)—50.17
  • Licensing Certification (ACLS/DEA/TMHP)—50.18
  • Non-Salaried Trainees—50.19
  • Observers—50.20
  • Teaching Residents to Teach—50.21
  • GME Resident and Fellow Files Policy—50.22
  • Payment of Honorarium and Reimbursement of Expenses—60.01
  • Identify, Mitigate and Disclose Relevant Financial Relationships—60.04
  • Appropriate Use of Commercial Support—60.05
  • Appropriate Management of Commercial Promotion—60.06
  • Content Validation and Fair Balance—60.07
  • Joint and Co-Providership—60.08
  • Enduring Materials—60.09
  • Marketing and Promotion—60.12
  • School of Medicine Admissions Committee Bylaws—70.01
  • Student Application Process—70.02
  • Student Interviews—70.03
  • Acceptance of Offer for Admission—70.04
  • School of Medicine Special Admissions Programs—70.05
  • Family Medicine Accelerated Track Committees—70.06
  • Response to Findings on Required Criminal Background Checks Prior to Admission—70.07
  • Transfer Students, Advanced Standing—70.08
  • Readmissions for Students with Special Circumstances—70.09


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