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Assisting Uninsured/Low Income Patients With Affordable Medications

The Prescription Assistance Program is committed to providing assistance to patients who are experiencing financial hardship with the inability to afford long-term medications. The Prescription Assistance Coordinator works diligently with the Health Care Team to ensure that eligible patients are enrolled in the program.

This service is free and available for adults and children:

  • Assistance for eligible uninsured/low income and elderly patients
  • Proof of income required
  • Assistance with applying to pharmaceutical companies to receive free or reduced price medications
  • Assistance with long-term medications for health issues such as Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension and other health issues
  • Pharmacy discount cards available
  • Assistance with locating other resources to provide assistance with short-term medications
  • Provider referrals and self referrals are accepted
  • Must be an established patient at one of the clinic locations

For more information call 806.743.9355

Frequently Asked Questions