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The Office of Sciences is available to all faculty on each of the four TTUHSC School of Pharmacy campus sites: Amarillo, Abilene, Dallas/Fort Worth and Lubbock. Our purpose is to act as a resource for the granting process, facilitate research and administer internal research programs.

The Mission of the Office of Sciences at the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy is to coordinate the school's research needs with our state-of-the-art scientific and technical support and to promote and accelerate research grant applications and new award set-up.  

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Centers for Research Excellence:

Cancer Biology Research Center Center for Blood-Brain Barrier Research Center for Tumor Immunology and Targeted Cancer Therapy Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Center Center of Excellence in Real-World Evidence


School of Pharmacy Core Laboratories


Mass Spectrometry Core

CPRIT Imaging Core

Research growth at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center requires access to and support of appropriate cutting edge core equipment that is the catalyst for research. The University and the School of Pharmacy have invested substantial funds in critical core research equipment.

These core facilities are available for all researchers.

Featured Grants

Dr. Jenny Wilkerson Magdalena Karbowniczek, M.D., Ph.D. Trey Putnam, Ph.D. Ulrich Bickel, M.D.

Jenny Wilkerson, Ph.D.
Received $387K from National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Magdalena Karbowniczek, M.D., Ph.D.
Received $2.8M from NIH

Trey Putnam, Ph.D. 
North Texas Clinical Pharmacology Cancer Core received 2.96M from CPRIT

Ulrich Bickel, M.D.
Imaging Core - Leica Stellaris 8 STED Falcon Super Resolution Microscopy grant by CPRIT

Faculty Recognition

Hiranmoy Das Lab

Sanjay Srivastava Lab

Hiranmoy Das, Ph.D. has been elected as a Fellow of the American Heart Association (FAHA) conferred by the Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences (BCVA) of AHA. Congratulations!

Dr. Das speaks with Eye on Vision about TTUHSC technology leads successful clinical trial to treat dry eye disease
Eye drops derived from corneal epithelial stem cells used to treat condition.


Sanjay K. Srivastava, Ph.D. and lab members
The repurposing of Pimavanserin, a 5-HT2A agonist approved by the FDA in 2016 for treatment of Parkinson's disease psychosis, is just one example of the impactful research coming out of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at Abilene by Dr. Sanjay K. Srivastava and his team of researchers in the Department of Immunotherapeutics and Biotechnology.

For more information on Dr. Srivastava's work on a new therapeutic approach to pancreatic cancer, check out the link below:

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