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Core Lab Equipment

Research growth at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center requires access to and support of appropriate cutting edge core equipment that is the driving edge of research. The University and the School of Pharmacy have invested substantial funds in critical core research equipment.

These core facilities are available for all School of Pharmacy research.

Equipment Use Fee Table

Abilene Core Equipment 

Amarillo Core Equipment 

Dallas Core Equipment 

Amarillo Common Equipment

Updated 4.7.2021

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Common Equipment:
Nga Nguyen (Amarillo)
(806) 414 - 9204

Bhaumik Patel (Abilene)
(325) 696 - 0484 

Flow Cytometry:
Zijuan "Amy" Liu, Ph.D.
(806) 414 - 9199

Mass Spectrometry
Dhaval Patel
(806) 414 - 9094

Stellaris Confocal Microscope
Alex Mdzinarishvili, Ph.D.
(806) 414 - 9196