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TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

Finding suitable collaborators for scholarly initiatives is often challenging. Barriers for meeting potential collaborators can be more substantial when explored across departments, schools and campuses.

The Department of Research at TTUHSC-Permian Basin has launched a Collaborator Portal to help link investigators with suitable collaborators for projects spanning from research studies to projects of non-discovery scholarship.

This web-based Portal allows TTUHSC faculty, residents, and students (and investigators outside the TTUHSC system) to post data about projects for which they seek collaborators, while those interested in contributing to planned projects can browse the posted data and contact the investigators.

In order for collaborative efforts to  proceed as intended, following several basic principles can substantially increase the probability of a project's successful completion. One such commentary to guide one's approach to collaborative scholarship is available at the link below:

Ten Simple Rules for a Successful Collaboration

For Investigators

To post data from your project, you have to complete a Project Data Form, downloadable HERE.

Paula Gutierrez, MS

For Potential Collaborators

The latest postings on the Collaborator Portal can be accessed HERE.