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Note: It is highly recommended that you contact a statistician (or other faculty that will perform statistical analyses) at the start of your project's conception/design to discuss your overall approach and specific study objectives and planned outcomes. See also relevant commentary at the link below:

Ten Simple Rules for Effective Statistical Practice

On-Campus Resources

Using on-campus resources can provide you with the fastest turnaround time for most of your analysis needs.

Contact Lavi Oud, MD, (Department of Internal Medicine, Room 3141) by emailing to set a meeting.

Scope of statistical/analytical support: descriptive statistics; inferential statistics (examples: group comparisons, correlations, trend analysis, predictive modeling (mostly regression-based), survival analysis, method comparisons).

Regional Resources

Clinical Research Institute


1. Submit a work order to the CRI, available at:

Note: the CRI requires a minimum of 10 work days for all work orders for statistical analysis.

2. After contact is made with the CRI, you can contact the CRI statistician to discuss your analysis needs.