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The Details

Applicants interested exclusively in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine may apply under the AAMC Early Decision Program (EDP) from within the TMDSAS application. The submission deadline is August 1.  

All parts of your application to TTUHSC School of Medicine must be submitted on or before the deadline.  This includes:

  • A complete TMDSAS application
  • Letters of evaluation
  • A valid MCAT score
  • A complete TTUHSC Secondary application


By applying for early decision you can greatly reduce the high financial and psychological costs of applying to and interviewing at multiple schools.

It should be emphasized that only applicants with an excellent chance of admission should apply through one of the EDP's since only a small portion of the first-year class is admitted through this program. Applicants must be a Texas resident and will be given preference based on the competitiveness of their GPA and MCAT score.  


EDP applicants may not apply to other medical schools in the United States while being considered by TTUHSC School of Medicine. An applicant who is offered admission is obligated to attend TTUHSC School of Medicine. A formal release from TTUHSC School of Medicine must be obtained to be eligible to apply to other schools. If an applicant is not accepted by Texas Tech, he or she may then apply to other schools early enough so that the results will be available to the school prior to August 1. Learn More


  • An interview in August or September to selected applicants.
  • Prompt admission decision from the school - no later than October 1st.
  • The opportunity to apply to other TMDSAS participating schools, without having to submit an additional application, if not accepted as an EDP candidate.
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Did you know...?

The average TTUHSC School of Medicine student accrues 18% less debt than the national average.


Acuity Insights

Applicants to TTUHSC school of Medicine must successfully complete the CASPer test and Duet to maintain admission eligibility. LEARN MORE