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Doctor of Medicine / Master in Public Health

The MD/MPH emphasizes the knowledge and skills of core public health disciplines and public health practice. A Master in Public Health can be earned by completing a minimum of 45 credit hours, including a practicum experience and a culminating experience. At this time, the MPH program offers a generalist MPH degree.

MPH is especially important for doctors working internationally, with marginalized and rural populations, as well as those considering a career as a health authority. A Masters in Public Health equips professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to better serve their patients by understanding the public health aspects of health, including social, community, organizational and policy change.

Why A Master's Degree In Public Health?

Pursuing a Master of Public Health enables you to approach complex issues from a population perspective, using evidence-based solutions to improve health outcomes for communities and individuals. By choosing the Master of Public Health program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, you gain comprehensive public health training. Students will earn a general MPH degree without a specific major area.

The MPH program will prepare health professionals to practice skillful and evidence-based preventive public health; conduct and communicate research that informs the diverse fields within public health; and provide interdisciplinary expertise in the service of academic, professional and community-based public health organizations.

 The MPH at TTUHSC is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).



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