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Experiential Programs Preceptor of the Year 2017-2018 Recipients


Molly MinzeMolly Minze, Pharm.D.

Faculty Recipient: Abilene Campus

"People are people, regardless of the setting, background, or age spectrum, everyone deserves compassion, self-dignity, respect, and autonomy to their health care. If you show them that you care, help them without expecting anything in return, and do your best for them as you would yourself or your family, you will receive a reward beyond anything you could imagine."

Matt PenningtonMatt Pennington, Pharm.D.

Adjunct Faculty Recipient: Abilene Campus

"As pharmacists, it is essential that we treat every patient the way we wish to be treated and use the knowledge we have attained from school to help them the best way possible."

Kenna PayneKenna Payne, Pharm.D.

Faculty Recipient: Amarillo Campus

"Being a preceptor is a large source of job satisfaction, and helps keep me motived. I learn something new from my students and residents every day."

Joshua MooreJoshua Moore, Pharm.D.

Adjunct Faculty Recipient: Amarillo Campus

"I became a preceptor for TTUHSC SOP to pay it forward to other students and to offer a good learning experience."

Dedatra CraddockDedatra Craddock, Pharm.D.

Faculty Recipient: Dallas Campus

"There are numerous lessons to be taught. However, the most valuable is "what you do really does matter." Also, I try to allow them to be themselves because they can do that better than anyone else."

Lauren KirkLauren Kirk, Pharm.D.

Adjunct Faculty Recipient: Dallas Campus

"Receiving this award was truly a defining moment for me. It made me stop and think about all the supportive and encouraging preceptors I had during my time as a student/resident. I am so thankful for them."

ttuhsc sealRebecca Sleeper, Pharm.D.

Faculty Recipient: Lubbock Campus


Joe OttisJoseph Ottis, Pharm.D.

Adjunct Faculty Recipient: Lubbock Campus

"I try to teach my students to be joyful in whatever they choose to do. I hope students can see my interactions with patients and understand that by having a positive demeanor you improve the overall quality of the interaction for all involved."