Priority Registration | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.

To the greatest extent possible, student veterans will be provided priority enrollment as follows:

A. In order to ensure priority registration, the student must self-identify with the TTUHSC Veterans Resource Center (VRC). Once a student has been approved, the student may receive a priority time ticket as follows for each subsequent semester, with dates subject to change:

B. The student is required to provide proof of military service. Examples include:
     1. DD-214 (Member 2 or 4 copy)
     2. Texas DPS issued driver's license with VETERAN designation
     3. Military identification card/Retired military identification card
     4. NGB 22/22A - National Guard report of separation and record of service
     5. Reserve Credit Report and "Discharge Order & Point Summary"

C. Students must register for courses as outlined in their degree plan, and as directed by their academic advisor. 

D. Students may contact the following offices for assistance if any issues arise:
1. Office of the Registrar; or 806-743-2300
2. Veterans Resource Center; or 806-743-7549

E. Students using VA benefits should submit benefit request via the HSC benefits portal immediately upon registering for the upcoming semester. All benefits can be certified to the VA up to 120 days prior to each semester, or as early as possible for Ch. 33.