Profile for Tam Nguyen, MD

Tam Nguyen

Tam Nguyen, MD

  • Consultant to the Surgeon General of The Army , US Army Medical Corps
  • Colonel, Chief Medical Officer and Head & Neck Surgeon, US Army Reserve Medical Command
  • Colonel (006), US Army Reserve Medical Command
  • Lieutenant Colonel P, Senior Head & Neck Surgeon, 1998th Head & Neck Surgical Team
  • Colonel 7416th TMC, US Army Reserve Medical Command
  • Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Reserve Medical Commend
  • Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Audiology and Hearing Sciences
Office Phone: 806-743-3698
Mail Address: 3601 4th St Stop 8312
Lubbock TX 79430-8312


Col, MC
1872nd Head and Neck Team
807th DSC
U. S. Army Reserve Medical Command

Research Interests

Auditory physiology, RF and wireless technologies in biomedical engineering, IC neuroprothesis, cochlear implant, novel vestibular implants, bioengineering modeling and head and neck clinical trials.

Teaching Interests

Otology-Skull Base Surgery, Endocrine Surgery.

Clinical Interests

Head and neck surgery, endocrine (thyroid and minimal invasive radioguided parathyroid surgeries), robotic surgeries, image guided skull base and sinus surgeries, maxillofacial trauma and cutanous malignancy reconstructive surgeries, cochlear implantation, BAHA and novice hearing restoration techniques.

Selected Publications:

  • Nguyen TQ, Young JH, Rodriguez A, Zupancic SW, Lie DY. Invited paper: Differentiation of patients with balance insufficiency (vestibular hypofunction) versus normal subjects using a low-cost small wireless wearable gait sensor. Biosensors 2019;9(29).
  • Lie DY, Nguyen TQ, Lie PE, Tijani L. Invited paper: A review on latest EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) targeted treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).. SciFed Oncology & Cancer Research Journal 2018.
  • Nukala BT, Lie D, Tsay J, Lopez J, Nguyen TQ. Invited paper: Wireless power transfer (WPT) using strongly coupled magnetic resonance (SCMR) at 5.8 GHz for biosensors applications: A feasibility study by electromagnetic (EM) simulations.. International Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics (IJBSBE) 2017;2(2).
  • Hall T, Lie DY, Nguyen TQ, Mayeda JC, Lie PE, Lopez J, Banister RE. Non-contact sensor for long-term continuous vital signs monitoring: a review on intelligent phased-array doppler sensor design. Sensors 2017;17:2632.
  • Batchu S, Narasimhachar H, Mayeda JC, Hall T, Lopez J, Nguyen TQ, Banister RE, Lie DY. Overnight non-contact continuous vital signs monitoring using an intelligent automatic beam-steering doppler sensor at 2.4 GHz. 2017;:763-766.