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Forms on this page are available for Faculty and Development activities.

  • SOM Faculty Appointments—SOM OP 20.01
    •  Faculty Appointments Committee Members (Lubbock Campus) 2020-2021

    • Faculty Appointments Checklist—SOM OP 20.01.A Word / PDF
    • Request to Recruit—SOM OP 20.01.B Word / PDF
    • Request to Hire—SOM OP 20.01.C Word / PDF
    • Faculty Position Class Codes and Titles—SOM OP 20.01.D
    • Interview Comments—SOM OP 20.01.E Word / PDF
      How to save a fillable .pdf - Video Tutorial
    • Physician Employment Agreement, J-1 Waiver—SOM OP 20.01.K
    • Physician Employment Agreement, Non-Tenure Track—SOM OP 20.01.F
    • Physician Employment Agreement, Tenure Track—SOM OP 20.01.G
    • Guidelines for Clinical Faculty (Non-Paid) Appointment-Reappointment-Promotion—SOM OP 20.01.H
    • Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty Appointment-Reappointment-Promotion—SOM OP 20.01.I
    • Faculty Appointment Requirements—SOM OP 20.01.J
    • Faculty Temporary License—SOM OP 20.03
    • New Clinical Faculty Positions—SOM OP 20.50
  • Mid-Cycle Review—SOM OP 20.22
    • Instructions for creating your SOM Application for Mid-Cycle Review:
      1. Navigate to Digital Measures using this link: https://app4.ttuhsc.edu/digitalmeasuresshim
      2. Click on "Rapid Reports" on the upper right of your screen
      3. Change the Report to "SOM Application for Mid-Cycle Review"
      4. Change the Date Range to "Jan 1, 1925 - Dec 31, <Current Year>"
      5. Click "Run Report"
      6. Save the document to your desktop and add/edit as necessary
    • For assistance and ideas on how/where to enter additional information to the report you generated using the steps above, contact OFAD at (806) 743-3010 or refer to SOM OP 20.22.A Instructions
    • Form Declining Participation in Mid-Cycle Review—SOM OP 20.22.B
    • Mid-Cycle Review Peer Evaluation—SOM OP 20.22.C
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