Annual/Monthly Salary 2018-2019


$53, 275.54


Typically only weekdays are counted, with all efforts made to give the preceding and following weekend off also.

  • PGY I, PGY II - 3 weeks of vacation per year (15 working days)
  • PGY III - 4 weeks of vacation (20 working days)
  • All residents - Additional six days paid vacation for the last two weeks of December

Sick Leave
All residents receive up to 12 days per year. Our policy follows ABP guidelines regarding absences from residency training.

Thirty-three months of clinical training are required. One month of absence is allowed each year for leave (eg, vacation, sick, parental leave). Absences greater than three months during the three years of residency should be made up by additional periods of training. If the program director believes that the candidate is well qualified and has met all the training requirements, the program director may submit a petition to the ABP requesting an exemption to the policy. Residents in combined training may not take more than one month of leave per year. ABP Guidelines

Conference Leave
PGY I - Up to five days for the TPS Annual Meeting only
PGY II - Up to five days for the AAP NCE Annual Meeting only
PGY III - Up to five days for conferences, as needed

Family Leave
Our policies follow the rules according to Family Medical Leave Act.

Health, Dental, Vision and Life insurance are provided for the resident and immediate family. Death and disability, Workman’s Compensation and Malpractice insurance are also provided.

  • Annual Membership provided to American Academy of Pediatrics, Texas
  • Pediatric Society, and local county medical society
  • Moving allowance: $250 for matched in-state students or $500 for out-of-state students
  • Free subscription to Pediatric Review and Education Program (PREP) for three years
  • One embroidered white coat with laundry service
  • Access to the Texas Tech Recreational Center
  • Meal cards for use while on call
  • Selected textbooks provided
  • On–site hospital resident gym
  • Free nearby parking
  • Text pager


Educational Benefits

Certification Courses
Required Certification courses are provided free of cost one to two weeks before starting as a PL-1 at TTUHSC for Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP). Renewal fees for required courses are provided for during residency.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course is provided at TTUHSC at your own expense. However, ACLS renewals during residency are covered.

Conference Funding
Depending on your year, funds are available annually for CME conferences:

  • PGY 1 - TPS Conference
  • PGY 2 - AAP Conference
  • PGY 3 - $1,000


  • Half of the American Board of Pediatrics Certifying Examination is paid for by the department
  • In-service training exam (American Board of Pediatrics) yearly for all pediatric residents