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Pediatrics Curriculum

Educational blocks and experiences have been designed to promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to practice pediatrics and to develop the progressive autonomy of residents, while providing appropriate levels of supervision. There are 13 four week blocks each academic year. 

PGY I - Intern Year

The intern year provides an intensive introduction into both inpatient and outpatient pediatrics. Interns assess and treat patients in the emergency room, the inpatient ward, pediatric clinic, newborn nursery, and neonatal intensive care unit with the direct supervision of senior residents and faculty.

Curriculum Chart

PGY II - Intermediate Year

The second year resident rotates through the pediatric intensive care unit and assumes increasing supervisory and teaching responsibilities in both the inpatient and outpatient areas. Additionally, the junior residents rotate through several pediatric subspecialties providing an opportunity for increasing breadth of knowledge.

Curriculum Chart

PGY III - Senior Year

The third year resident continues to have increased supervisory and teaching responsibilities on the inpatient and outpatient services. The third year resident also has an opportunity to tailor the educational experience to his or her career goals by choosing from a wide variety of electives.

Curriculum Chart