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Nadia German

Nadia German, PhD

  • Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Sci Amarillo
Office Phone: 806-414-9243
Mail Address: 1300 S. Coulter St.
Amarillo TX 79106


Dr. German joined the faculty at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at TTUHSC in August 2014. She obtained her PhD in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry at the University of Iowa with Dr.R. Kerns, where she worked on synthesis of chemical probes designed to overcome bacterial resistance to antibiotics. This work resulted in discovering of novel inhibitor NorA and MepA efflux pumps as one of the most potent compounds to date. In 2007, Dr. German joined research group of Dr. R. Glennon at Virginia Commonwealth University as a postdoctoral fellow where she continued her medicinal chemistry-based research in the area of allosteric modulation of nicotinic receptors. In 2010, she continued her training at RTI International working with Dr. Y. Zhang on design and synthesis of various ligands for CNS receptors.

Research Interests

Dr. German’s laboratory research group is focused on examining mechanisms of cell to cell signaling underlying bacteria-host interaction to better understand these mechanisms in both normal and pathological states. In particular, her group is interested in modulating such processes through development of chemical probes capable of initiating/inhibiting certain aspects of quorum sensing in different types of bacteria.