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Irene La-Beck

Irene La-Beck, PharmD

  • Associate Professor
Office Phone: 325-696-0433
Mail Address: 1718 Pine St
Abilene TX 79601-3044



I have a broad background in clinical pharmacology with specific training and expertise in anticancer nanoparticles. At the University of North Carolina (UNC), I used mouse models and clinical studies in cancer patients to investigate phenotypic probes of the mononuclear phagocyte system as biomarkers for personalizing therapy with anticancer liposomes. I also investigated the preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics of novel anticancer nanoparticles such as Stealth liposomal CKD-602 (a camptothecin analogue), Optisomal topotecan, and folate-targeted polyethylene glycol- and gadolinium-PRINT (particle replication in non-wetting template)-nanoparticles.
I joined the School of Pharmacy at TTUHSC as a new tenure-track assistant professor in September 2010 with the long-term goal of establishing a research program which is nationally/internationally recognized in the immuno-pharmacology of nanoparticles. My immediate research focus was on identifying novel immune mechanisms of resistance to anticancer nanoparticles. The overall goal of my research is to understand the consequences of the interactions between nanoparticles and the host immune system in order to develop novel strategies to maximize the efficacy of nanoparticle drugs.

Research Interests

Drug delivery, immunotherapy, cancer chemotherapy

Selected Publications:

  • La-Beck I, Gabizon AA. Nanoparticle Interactions with the Immune System: Clinical Implications for Liposome-Based Cancer Chemotherapy. Frontiers in Immunology8.
  • Le A, Alzghari S, Jean G, La-Beck I. Update on targeted therapies for advanced non-small cell lung cancer: nivolumab in context. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk ManagementVolume 13:223-236.
  • Walko CM, Aubert RE, La-Beck I, Clore G, Herrera V, Kourlas H, Epstein RS, McLeod HL. Pharmacoepidemiology of Clinically Relevant Hypothyroidism and Hypertension from Sunitinib and Sorafenib.. The oncologist 2017;22(2):208-212.
  • Anchordoquy TJ, Barenholz Y, Boraschi D, Chorny M, Decuzzi P, Dobrovolskaia MA, Farhangrazi ZS, Farrell D, Gabizon A, Ghandehari H, Godin B, La-Beck I, Ljubimova J, Moghimi SM, Pagliaro L, Park JH, Peer D, Ruoslahti E, Serkova NJ, Simberg D. Mechanisms and Barriers in Cancer Nanomedicine: Addressing Challenges, Looking for Solutions.. ACS nano 2017;11(1):12-18.
  • Gabizon AA, Patil Y, La-Beck I. New insights and evolving role of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in cancer therapy. Drug Resistance Updates 2016;29:90-106.