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Trey Putnam

Trey Putnam, PhD

  • Professor
Office Phone: 214-358-9018
Mail Address: 5920 Forest Park Road, Suite 422
Dallas TX 75235


Dr. Putnam was born and raised in Kansas City. He attended Pittsburg State University where he majored in Chemistry and conducted research in polymer chemistry. He was also a NSF undergraduate research fellow at the University of Oklahoma where he conducted research in X-ray crystallography under Prof. Dick van der Helm. Dr. Putnam then attended Washington University in St. Louis where he earned a M.S. and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry under Prof. James K. Bashkin. His research focused on the design and development of artificial ribonucleases as potential novel infectious disease therapeutic agents. Dr. Putnam then moved to the Midwest Research Institute where his research focused on the pharmacology candidate therapeutic agents including developing sensitive analytical and bioanalytical methods. Additional research interests included biomarkers of polycystic kidney disease, catalytic antibodies, and artificial ribonucleases. Dr. Putnam then took an appointment at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center as an Assistant Professor in the School of Pharmacy. He also served as the laboratory director of the Pediatric Pharmacology Research and Development Center. Dr. Putnam then took a position with Cardinal Health’s Scientific and Regulatory Consulting Division where he provided drug development/regulatory consulting to numerous pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Putnam eventually assumed the role of general manager and was responsible for strategic, managerial, and operational aspects of the business. Dr. Putnam then returned to Texas Tech’s School of Pharmacy as a Professor where he remains today. His current research interests include: clinical pharmacology, differential metabolism of disease states, biomarker identification/validation, and advanced analytical/bioanalytical methodology.

Research Interests

I have a personal passion for and have a broad background in drug discovery, drug development and regulatory affairs. I have specific deep experience in organic, analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. My chemistry background is complimented by my experience and expertise in clinical pharmacology and metabolism. My research includes the following specific aims: (1) clinical pharmacology in special populations (e.g., pediatrics and obese patients), (2) biomarker identification and validation, (3) altered metabolism in disease states, and (4) advanced analytical techniques to investigate the above. I have served as PI or co-investigator on several university-, NIH-, and private industry-funded grants across these areas. Additionally, I have broad interest in the regulatory science behind drug development and regulatory approval.

Selected Publications:

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