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Posters below have been submitted, reviewed, and accepted for the 2021 Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health Sex- and Gender-Health Symposium. meritDenotes Merit Award Winner

Women's Health and Differences in Health/Gender

Focus on Community

Access to Women's Health Care in Lubbock County (HP Group 25)
(C-1) Project Team: Addie Pederson, Simmone Spielmann, Dakota Tolleson

Undergraduate Women's Choice in Contraception Type (HP Group 16)
(C-2) Project Team: Emma Riddle, Kathryn Robison, Ellie Ward, Arden Perabo, Bridget Boeger, Rachel Wagstaff

An Evaluation of Services Students Would Use from the New Lubbock Planned Parenthood (HP Group 17)
(C-3) Project Team: Hannah Jones, Maria Kastis, Daniel Ho, Audrey Morgan Shreve, Duc Le, Triet Le, Jenna Hooten

Focus on Clinical or Translational Science

Chronic Psoriasis with Vulvar Presentation: A Case Report
(CT-1) Project Team: Nathan Manales, Maricela Chavez, Gary Ventolini

Apixaban transfers into Human Milk: A Case Series
(CT-2) Project Team: Palika Datta, Avery Bramnik, Kathleen Rewers-felkins, Kaytlin Krutsch, Teresa Baker, Thomas W Hale

A Rapid QC Testing Platform Using Frozen Semen
(CT-3) Project Team: Sam Prien, Lindsey Penrose

The Effects of Collection Lubricant on Sperm Motility In Vitro
(CT-4) Project Team: Richardson B, Prien SD, Penrose LL

First report of use of a Modified Specific Gravity Technique to determine viability and quality of Human Embryos
(CT-5) Project Team: A. Brown, A. Okimi, A. Rook, K. Ahamd, L.L. Penrose, S.D. Prien

Gender Differences in Seeking Healthcare and Post-Intervention Pain Outcomes in Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Patients
(CT-6) Project Team: Kyla A. Petrie, Jason N. Chen, Hunter Miears, Jerry Speight Grimes, Mimi Zumwalt

Dexmedetomidine Levels in Breast Milk: Analysis of Breast Milk Expressed During and After Awake Craniotomy
(CT-7) Project Team: Kori Adair, Kaytlin Krutsch, Sarah E. Dodd, Palika Datta, Thomas W. Hale

Preliminary Results Comparing Weight Loss and Metabolic Improvements Using a Low Starch Dietary Education Program vs. Traditional Treatment for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
(CT-8) Project Team: Benjamin Jackson, Jennifer Phy, Jaou-Chen Huang, Raina Kishan, Caitlyn Mullins

A rare case report: Complete vaginal eversion, uterine prolapse, and stress urinary incontinence
(CT-9) Project Team: Alex Gibson, Kushal Gandhi, John Garza, Paula Gutierrez, Elea Stout, Gary Ventolini 

Andrology in the Era of COVID
(CT-10) Project Team: LL Penrose, A Davis, SD Prien

A Post-operative Reaction to Skin Prep Betadine in Postpartum Women
(CT-11) Project Team: Sanjana Rao, Traci Bartkus DO, Kushal Gandhi PhD, Alex Gibson MS, Gary Ventolini 

Non-Contact Lower Extremity Injury in Female Collegiate Soccer Athletes and Deviations from Baseline Maximal Exertion
(CT-12) Project Team: Ryan D. Lurtsema, Larry Munger, Wafaa Chatila, Katie Munger, DJ Clark, Jennifer J. Mitchell 

Transfer of Mycophenolic Acid into Human Breastmilk
(CT-13) Project Team: Tess Maxfield, Jordan Burkham, Kaytlin Krutsch, Palika Datta, Thomas Hale 

Analysis of GPS-Acquired Distance Data in NCAA Division 1 Women's Soccer
(CT-14) Project Team: Jennifer J. Mitchell, Rafael Rosalez, Ryan Lurtsema, Wafaa Chatila, Katie Munger, DJ Clark, Larry Munger 

Use of the QuantiFERON®-TB Gold screen in OB Patients in a West Texas Academic Center- a Quality Improvement Study
(CT-15) Project Team: A Dixit, E Brown, C Wiechman, A Gundlapali

Focus on Basic Science

Human Milk Endocannabinoid Levels as a Function of Obesity and Diurnal Rhythm
(BS-1) Project Team: Palika Datta, Michael W. Melkus, Kathleen Rewers-Felkins, Dhavalkumar Patel, Tiffany Bateman Teresa Baker, Thomas W. Hale 

Variations in Cytokine Profiles Between Parous and Nulliparous Adult Women
(BS-2) Project Team: Asley Sanchez, Kushal Gandhi, John Garza, Alex Gibson, Nathan Joshua Manales, Gary Ventolini 

A Cross-Species Comparison of a Specimen Collection Container Designed to Harvest Oxygen Radical Species
(BS-3) Project Team: A. White, B. Smith, M. Sillivent, SD Prien, LL Penrose 

Sex-dependent antinociceptive effects of ACEA on acute inflammatory and chemotherapy-induced chronic pain models
(BS-4) Project Team: Canice Dancel, Haley De-Selle, Melissa Mchann, Henry Blanton, Josee Guindon, Scott Trasti

Inter-individual and sex differences in pain-related vocalizations and anxiety-like behaviors
(BS-5) Project Team: Peyton Presto, Guangchen Ji, Riley Junell, Zach Griffin, and Volker Neugebauer 

Glycogen availability and pH variation influence the growth of vaginal Lactobacillus species and Gardnerella vaginalis
(BS-6) Project Team: Stephany Navarro, Habib Abla, Betsaida Delgado, Jane A. Colmer-Hamood, Gary Ventolini, Abdul N. Hamood 

Symposium Presentation Materials

Dr. Josee Guindon
Sex Differences and the Endocannabinoid System in Pain

Dr. Deborah Clegg
What A Difference an X Makes: the Role of Sex Hormones and Sex Chromosomes in All Aspects of Life

Dr. Matt Watto and Team
The Curbsiders: Song Exploder Edition

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