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The FMAT Program

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The Texas Tech School of Medicine is pleased to announce the Family Medicine Accelerated Track, or FMAT, an innovative 3-year accelerated medical school curriculum that culminates in the M.D. degree and prepares participants for a standard 3-year family medicine curriculum at one of three Texas Tech programs, in Lubbock, Amarillo, or the Permian Basin.

Texas Tech's FMAT program was approved by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) the accrediting body for medical education, in February 2010. The first students began training in the FMAT program in 2011; that class graduated from medical school in 2013 and from residency in 2016. As of June 2022, the FMAT program has graduated 83 students in 10 classes.

The purpose of FMAT is two-fold:

1. To increase the number of medical students choosing a career in family medicine, especially in underserved areas, who will provide patient-centered care

2. To prepare primary care physicians more efficiently and with less cost

The FMAT program offers students a seamless transition between their predoctoral and residency training settings and curricula as they spend two years in Lubbock, followed by at least 4 years on the campus (which may include Lubbock) where they will complete both the final year of medical school and three years of family medicine residency training. FMAT will modify and accelerate the standard 4-year curriculum through the development of three new curricular experiences.

The FMAT program involves all three campuses of the Texas Tech School of Medicine, so that students will be linked with the site of their eventual family medicine residency program training. It will be limited to 16 students per year in each class.

An important consequence of the FMAT program is to allow students to complete their training one year earlier than students in a standard curriculum--and with approximately half of the debt typical of current students. This reduced debt will be possible for two reasons:

FMAT students spend only three years in medical school; therefore, they will be obligated for one less year of tuition and fees.

Texas Tech School of Medicine provides scholarship support to FMAT students for at least one year of medical school.

FMAT Application Information

Students may apply for the FMAT program at two time periods: 1) at time that they apply for admission to the TTUHSC School of Medicine and 2) during the winter (November through January) of their MS1 year, once they have matriculated in the TTUHSC School of Medicine.  

Students applying for medical school at the TTUHSC School of Medicine indicate their interest in FMAT on the Texas Tech Secondary Application.



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FMAT Contacts:

Betsy Jones, EdD
Professor of Medical Education
FMAT Co-Director

Ron Cook, DO, MBA
Professor of Family Medicine
FMAT Co-Director

Kale Bates, BS
FMAT Coordinator