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Virtual Poster Session 2022

2022 Symposium Flyer

Posters below have been submitted, reviewed, and accepted for the 2022 Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health Sex- and Gender-Health Symposium and Center of Excellence in Integrative Medicine Symposium . meritDenotes Merit Award Winner

Women's Health and Differences in Health/Gender

Focus on Community

Priorities and Mental Health Throughout the Medical Journey (HP Gr 7)
Project Team: Radha Patel, Hannah Jackson, Jiyeon Kim, Kimberly Brown

How Did Covid-19 Impact Mental Health in Female Students at Texas Tech (HP Gr 12)
Project Team: Taha Hassan, Tyler Kastner

Evaluation of Intimate Partner Violence among TTU campuses (HP Gr 14)
Project Team: Jean Dai, Emily Baysden, Devi Nair, Scott Burns, Cole Pollina, Ashley Selman

Opinions on HPV Vaccinations Among Students (HP Gr15)
Project Team: Morgan Allen, Lauren Breazeale, Anna Farooqi, Tenley Lehman

The Negative Effects of Time Spent on Social Media on Body Image in Young College Women between Ages 18-26 (HP Gr19)
Project Team: Kate Jurek, Lina Zhang

Surveying Student Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Diet and Exercise (HP Gr23)
Project Team: Nikhil Gogineni, Kanishk Goel

meritHispanic Teen Pregnancy in Texas vs New Hampshire (HP Gr24)
Project Team: Zarif Gani, Nadjaliette Hernandez-Lopez, Brianna Mendoza, Martin Sandoval, Nicole Vaynberg

meritEvaluating Sexual Dysfunction among TTUHSC Healthcare Workers & Medical Students (HP Gr28)
Project Team: Nicholas Householder, Akshay Raghuram, Skyler Thipaphay, Kofi Agyare, Wooyoung Jang, Cameron Tuazon, Lauren Cobbs

Focus on Clinical or Translational Science

meritPharmacokinetics of ketamine transfer into breastmilk: a case series
Project Team: Elleana Majdinasab; Palika Datta; Kaytlin Krutsch; Teresa Baker, Thomas W. Hale

meritRNA-seq and Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes as Markers of Tumor Microenvironment Changes after Cryoablation
Project Team: Sonia Khan, Michael Melkus, Brandon Mistretta, Zaina Habrawi, Luis Brandi, Mustafa Amani, H Khan, C Jones, P Gunaratne, Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman

meritCryoablation in combination with the checkpoint inhibitor anti-CTLA4 increased T cell activation in a murine breast cancer model
Project Team: Maribel Castro, Sonia Y. Khan, Carsen Roach, Flavia Sardela de Miranda, Fahmida Rasha, Chang Hyun Lee, Luis Brandi, Kevin Pruitt, Harvinder Singh Gill, Michael W. Melkus, Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman

She Got an Earful
Project Team: Rachel Kaminski, Matthew Robinson,  Jennifer Mitchell

They Are Trying to Sickle 
Project Team: Jennifer J. Mitchell, Rafael Rosalez, Frank Perez, Tracey Varis

Psychiatric manifestations of withdrawal following domperidone used as a galactagogue in the U.S.: a case presentation
Project Team: A. Rook, E. Majdinasab, S. Haque, A. Stark, K. Krutsch, T. Hale

Focus on Basic Science

meritGardnerella vaginalis growth is eliminated by a novel narrow- spectrum factor secreted by Lactobacillus jensenii 
Project Team: Stephany Navarro, Habib Abla, Jane A. Colmer-Hamood, Gary Ventolini, Abdul N. Hamood 

Development of a DSM V Porcine Model of Alcohol Use Disorder 
Project Team: Xiaobo Liu, Ana Gutierrez, Joshua O. Willms, Brittany Backus, Jackson Driskill, Jordan Sanchez, Praneetha Panthagani, Angelica L. Rodriguez, Jeremy D. Bailoo and Susan E. Bergeson

Hmgb1 silencing in the amygdala reduces pain-related behaviors in a sex-specific manner in a chronic neuropathic pain model
Project Team: Peyton Presto, Igor Ponomarev, and Volker Neugebauer

Complementary or Integrative Health

Focus on Clinical or Translational Science

Curcumin and curcuminoid effects modulating chronic mechanical sensitivity in spinal nerve ligation model revert mitochondria dysfunction and oxidative stress
Project Team: Julianna M. Santos, Rui Wang, Zarek Driver, Viren Bhakta, Jessica Contreras, Vadim Yakhnitsa, Takaki Kiritoshi, Guangchen J, Volker Neugebauer, Chwan-Li Shen 

Effects of dietary gingerol-enriched ginger supplementation on distribution of colon function markers in rats with diabetic neuropathic pain
Project Team: Emily R. Stephens, Julianna M. Santos, Rui Wang, Chwan-Li Shen 

Analyzing the Relationship Between NAFLD, Vit. D, Alcohol consumption, and Cognitive Impairment in a West Texas Elderly Cohort: a Project FRONTIER Study
Project Team: Nicholas Vojtkofsky, Matthew Buxton, and J. Josh Lawrence

meritGinger root extract mitigates neuropathic pain via suppressing neuroinflammation: gut-brain connection
Project Team: Chwan-Li Shen, Rui Wang, Vadim Yakhnitsa, Julianna Santos, Carina Watson, Takaki Kiritoshi, Guangchen Ji, Nicole Kim, Jacob Lovett, Abdul Hamood, Volker Neugebauer

Two curcumin extracts modify the composition of gut microbiota, tight junction protein, and neuroinflammation in rats with neuropathic pain: microbiota-gut-brain axis
Project Team: Chwan-Li Shen, Moamen M. Elmassry, Julianna Santos, Rui Wang, Vadim Yakhnitsa, Takaki Kiritoshi, Guangchen Ji, Jacob Lovett, Abdul Hamood, Volker Neugebauer 

The Use of Tai-Chi and Qigong to Mediate Long-Haul COVID-19 Symptoms: A Case Report 
Project Team: Radha Patel, Brittany Tu, and Lisaann Gittner PhD

Quantification of Toxicities Related to Treatment of Pediatric Cancers and Hematological Disorders for Epidemiological Studies
Project Team: Alexandra T. Demopoulos, Katherine E. Mitchell, Mohamad M. Al-Rahawan MD

Plant-based Foods For Chronic Inflammation: A Review Combined use of Tomato and Olive Oil facilitates Chronic Inflammation Control
Project Team: Roy Sebastian, MD, Vani Selvan, MD 

Vitamin D Levels in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy
Project Team: Madison Schoeberl, Nikhita Prabhakar, Megan Mikkelson, Eduardo Urias, Chris Scott, Jaehoon Lee, Chwan-Li Shen, Mohamad M. Al-Rahawan 

The Role Of Supplemental Food Aid In Health Outcomes Of Population At Risk: The Case Of Kenya
Project Team: Elyvine Ingabire-Gasana; Mary Murimi 

Focus on Basic Science

The Role of Vitamin D in Cognition, Synaptic Function and Neurological Disease
Project Team: Jocelyn Medina, Josh Lawrence

Ginger Root Extract Supplementation Attenuated Mitochondrial Fusion and Improved Skeletal Muscle Size in Type 2 Diabetic Rats
Project Team: Casey Appell, Nigel C. Jiwan, Chwan-Li Shen, Hui-Ying Luk 

Geranylgeraniol Supplementation Mitigates Soleus Muscle Atrophy via Changes in Mitochondrial Quality Control in Diabetic Rats
Project Team: Nigel C. Jiwan, Casey Appel, Rui Wang, Chwan-Li Shen, & Hui-Ying Luk

2022 Speakers

Symposium Presentation Materials

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Dr. Barrie Tan, CEO, American River Nutrition, Hadley, MA
Topic: A Unique Plant-based Vitamin E Tackles Chronic Conditions


Dr. Deborah Clegg, VP for Research at TTUHSC Paul L. Foster SOM
Topic: Does the Food we Eat and Its Processing Impact Our Hormonal Balance and Cancer Risk?


Dr. Keisa Mathis, Assistant Professor and Executive Director of Black in Physiology at UNTHSC.
Topic: What A Difference an X Makes: The Mechanisms Contributing to the Development and Maintenance of Autoimmune-induced Hypertension