Poster Presentations | 2020 LWBIWH Symposium | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Virtual Poster Session

Posters below have been submitted, reviewed, and accepted for the 2020 Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health Sex- and Gender-Health Symposium. meritDenotes Merit Award Winner

Women's Health and Differences in Health/Gender

Focus on Community

meritAwareness of Mental Health Resources among Undergraduate Women at Texas Tech University (HP Group 16)
Project Team: Miriam Shayeb, Anudeeksha Satheeshkumar

award Correlations between Attitudes and HPV Vaccination (HP Group 18)
Project Team: Vanessa Ku, Stephanie Bui, Chelsea Gerlicki, Christina Tompkins, Venus Tran, Elleana Majdinasab

TTUHSC Pharmacy Student Knowledge about Sex Trafficking (HP Group 19)
Project Team: Sarah Haque, Tiffany Xu, Shannon Pan, Madison Schoeberl, Stephen Rossettie, Albin John

Association of Early Sexual Education with Teen Health (HP Group 20)
Project Team: Rin Rice, Lois Mendez, Bailey Villeda, Hailey Burden, Jali Garza

Knowledge among middle school and high school female athletes on the athletic triad and impacts of amenorrhea on their bodies (HP Group 26)
Project Team: Kwame Opoku, Katherine Holder, Abigail Raef, Bernardo Galvan, Karishma Desai

Elementary School Faculty Flu Vaccination Rates(HP Group 28)
Project Team: Jenna Jurecky, Veena Agusala, Michael Carey, Taylor Galvan, Erin Morris, Shayan Sarrami, Michael Meuth

Perception of Period Poverty and Menstrual Products across TTU Communities (HP Group 38)
Project Team: Maireigh Nicholas, Carly Cline, Bryan Bashrum, Daniel Payberah, Yesenia Barrios, Riya Ganji

The Development of Perinatal Psychiatry Specialty Clinic in West Texas, Serving Hub City Lubbock, TX, and Surrounding Rural Counties
Project Team: Anastasia Ruiz, Sarah Wakefield

meritLanguage Preference, Age, and Health Literacy: An Exploration of Breast Health Knowledge in the Concho Valley
Project Team: Allee Nix, Susan Wilkinson

Focus on Clinical or Translational Science

meritCladribine Transfer into Human Milk
Project Team: Avery Bramnik, P Datta, A.I. Ciplea, K Rewers-Felkins, R Gold, K Hellwig, T Hale, T Baker

meritCryoablation as a Breast Cancer Treatment in a Murine Model
Project Team: Victoria M. Chu, Sonia Y. Khan, Michael W. Melkus, Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman

Environmental Contaminants Influence Gamete Development but not Hormone Profiles of Patients Undergoing IVF
Project Team: LL Penrose, S Khalili, D Leung, K Ahmad, SD Prien

Mathematically Adjusting for Embryo Size Improves the Accuracy of a Specific Gravity Device in Predicting Embryo Sex
Project Team: Sam Prien, Lindsay Penrose

Critical Thinking: Contextualizing Activities for Critical Thinking (ACTs) in Simulation and the Classroom
Project Team: Morgan Ashley, Kathy Sridaromont, Brandi Sawyer, Brandy Pitts, Alison Barron, Patti White, Mary Mwaura, Melissa Leal, Deborah Casaus

Transitioning Maternal-Newborn and Pediatric Clinical Hours to Simulation Based Experiences in a BSN Program: A Comparison Study
Project Team: Patti White, Jane D. Champion, Stephanie Morgan

Serotonin Modulator Vortioxetine transfers into Human Milk
Project Team: Kendall Marshall, Palika Datta, Kathleen Rewers-Felkins, Teresa Baker, Thomas W Hale

Transfer of Antibiotic Dicloxacillin into Human Milk
Project Team: Marcella Muysson, Palika Datta, Kathleen Rewers-Felkins, Teresa Baker, Thomas W Hale

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis with Tecfidera in Breastfeeding Mother
Project Team: Ella Speck, Palika Datta, Kathleen Rewers-Felkins, Andrea I. Ciplea, Kerstin Hellwig, Teresa Baker, Thomas W Hale

meritEvaluation of the Reproductive Care Provided to Adolescent Patients in Nephrology Clinics: A Pediatric Nephrology Research Consortium Study
Project Team: Shyanne Page-Hefley, Tetyana L Vasylyeva, Salem Almaani, Isabelle Ayoub, Abigail Batson, Michelle Hladunewich, Noel Howard, Hilda E Fernandez, Michelle O'Shaughnessy, Monica L Reynolds, Shikha Wadhwani, Jarcy Zee, William E. Smoyer, Scott E Wenderfer, Katherine E Twombley

Perception of Quality of Care in Obstetrics and Gynecology Outpatients’ Clinic During COVID-19 Pandemic
Project Team: Annu Dixit, Sarah Kennedy, Rivera Elsy, Tina Thai, Chanaka N. Kahathuduwa, Sabeena Rahman, Christopher Maguire, Kathryn Hutton, Christopher Enakpene, Daniela Pino, Michael Galloway, Natalia Schlabritz-Lutsevich

The Dreaded Double Scar
Project Team: Sajjad Haider, Jennifer Mitchell

Focus on Basic Science

 meritSex-specific protection from inhibitory circuit disruption by retinoic acid signaling in a novel mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Project Team: Brent Kisby, Karen Castaneda, Anthony J. Pascullo, Robert Barnes, Jeremy D. Bailoo, Igor Ponomarev, J Josh Lawrence

meritA comparative study of Lactobacillus species and inflammatory biomarkers among primigravida and multigravida women
Project Team: Kushal Gandhi, Paula Gutierrez, John Garza, Michael Galloway, and Gary Ventolini

RAD6 inhibition attenuates DNA repair and stem cell signaling and overcomes acquired chemoresistance in ovarian cancer
Project Team: Tasmin R. Omy, Shirisha Jonnalagadda, Mark Reedy and Komaraiah Palle

A Redesign of the ProteX to Harvest Free Oxygen Species Appears to Improve Overall Semen Parameters
Project Team: Sam Prien, Melissa Sillivent, Lindsay Penrose

Complementary or Integrative Health

Focus on Clinical or Translational Science

Cannabis Use Among Breastfeeding Women: Results from an Online Survey
Project Team: Christine D Garner, Kathy Kendall-Tackett, Christina Young, Teresa Baker, Thomas W Hale

meritA Student-Generated, Peer-Led Teaching Activity for Integrative Medicine in a Family Medicine Accelerated Track
Project Team: Edward Alston, Kayden Barber, Joshua Brock, Cheryl Haston, Franckiana Lormeus, Nica Lurtsema, Noriko Merida-Morales, Annalee Molina, Stephanie Rodriguez, Zac Wilkinson, Matt Young, Leslie Shen, Ron Cook, Betsy Goebel Jones

A Student-Led Arts Elective for MS1 and MS2 Students
Project Team: Nathan Lloyd, Betsy G. Jones

Focus on Basic Science

Protective Effects of Curcumin in High Fat Diet (HFD)-Induced Obesity Include Anti-Inflammatory Effects in Adipose Tissue and Changes in Gut Microbiome
Project Team: Tariful Islam, Iurii Koboziev, Shane Scoggin, Latha Ramalingam, Naima Moustaid-Moussa

The effects of ginger root extract on gut microbiota-derived metabolites in animals with neuropathic pain
Project Team: Chih Yu Fang, Samir Sherali, Masoud Zabet, Xiaoxia Gong, Parvin Mirzaei, Rui Wang, Volker Neugebauer, Chwan-Li Shen

meritDietary supplementation of gingerols- and shogaols-enriched ginger root extracts attenuate pain-associated behaviors in animals with spinal nerve ligation
Project Team: Chwan-Li Shen, Rui Wang, Guangchen Ji, Heather Vellers, Shengmin Sang, Volker Neugebauer

meritSupplementation of geranylgeraniol and tocotrienols to high-fat diet shifts the gut microbiome composition and function in type 2 diabetic mice
Project Team: Moamen M. Elmassry, Eunhee Chung, Abdul N. Hamood, Chwan-Li Shen

Two isomers of ginger root extracts modify composition and function of gut microbiota in rats treated with neuropathic pain
Project Team: Moamen M. Elmassry, Rui Wang, Abdul N. Hamood, Volker Neugebauer, Chwan-Li Shen

Parental elevated salt consumption and the development of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)-like phenotype in the offspring
Project Team: Kazi Farhana Afroz, Noah Reyes, Kobe Young, Kajal Parikh, Varsha Mishra, Karina Alviña


Symposium Presentation Materials

A Mindful Life: Methods and Manifestation, Dr. Victor Sierpina; Professor of Family Medicine and W.D. and Laura Nell Nicholson Family Professorship in Integrative Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch – Provided by the Center of Excellence for Integrative Health
Dr. Sierpina's Slides

Are There Racial Justice Issues in Women’s Health? Dr. Elisa Brown; Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, TTUHSC Permian Basin campus and Regional Director of the Laura Bush Institute
Dr. Brown's Slides

Sex and Gender Differences in the Pathogenesis of Respiratory Viruses, Sabra L. Klein, Ph.D.; Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Klein's Article

Dr. Klein's Slides