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About the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy Alumni Association

The mission of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy Alumni Association (SOPAA) is to promote the continuous development and training of practitioners, researchers and educators. We do so by:

  • Promoting the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy
  • Promoting and advocating for the pharmacy profession and the ongoing professional development of our graduates
  • Supporting other School of Pharmacy alumni through fellowship and networking opportunities
  • Informing fellow graduates about existing opportunities to partner with the school in developing and mentoring current pharmacy students

SOPAA is one of seven alumni chapters which form the TTUHSC Alumni Association.

SOPAA Updates & News

Learn about the most recent SOPAA updates and SOP alumni news by joining the SOPAA Facebook Group.

SOPAA Board & Staff

The SOPAA Board is comprised of seven members - each serving a three-year term. The SOPAA Board conducts six meetings annually (two face-to-face and the remainder via conference call).

Current Board Members

Board Member SOP Class Board Position
Jo Ann Leal 2021 Chair
Jacob Rogers 2020 Chair-Elect
Martin Bishop 2011 Immediate Past-Chair
Jennifer Bullin 2020 Secretary
Athena Cannon 2020 Member
Amber Elliott 2009 Member
Daniel Capps 2020 Member


Board Member Nominations & Elections

Every year, SOPAA seeks nominations for new board members who are eager to serve, support, and enhance the efforts of the SOP by helping foster alumni engagement with other alumni, TTUHSC SOP, and current SOP students.

All TTUHSC SOP alumni are eligible to nominate a SOP alumna/alumnus or submit a self-nomination. A call for nominations and elections are conducted in the fall of each year. Newly elected board members serve a three-year term beginning January 1 of each year.

To nominate an SOP alumni, use this form: pdf or doc

For self-nominations: use this form: pdf or doc

When nominations re-open in the Fall, please email

  1. the completed nomination form and
  2. the nominee’s CV to the Nominations Committee Chair.

Board Staff

The logistics of the SOPAA Board are supported by TTUHSC SOP staff charged with alumni affairs responsibilities.

Kenna Payne, PharmD, BCPS
Associate Dean for Professional Affairs
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Rebecca Perry
Program Coordinator

Pharmacy Distinguished Alumni

SOP alumni dedicate their lives to the betterment of others, and TTUHSC SOP considers it a privilege to celebrate that commitment. 

The Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest honor TTUHSC annually bestows upon its alumni by recognizing alumni who have achieved a high level of success or whose efforts have made a positive impact on community or humanity - bringing distinction to themselves and significant credit to the profession of pharmacy, the School of Pharmacy, and the University.

The Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumni Awards include:

  • Excellence in Practice Award
  • Pharmacy Leadership Award
  • Pharmacy Research Award

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

2002 Kerry Stallworth Daniel, Pharm.D., ('00)
2003 Traci Metting, Pharm.D., ('00)
2007 Roxann Dominguez, Pharm.D., ('05) Excellence in Practice
Cris Hogue, Pharm.D., ('00) Best Practice
Sidney Phillips, Pharm.D., ('01) Excellence in Leadership
2008 Anthony J. Busti, Pharm.D., ('01) Excellence in Research
William A. Cuningham Jr., Pharm.D., ('02) Excellence in Practice
Jeanie E. Jaramillo, Pharm.D., ('01) Excellence in Leadership
2009 Lea C. Eiland, Pharm.D., (Res '02) Excellence in Practice
Brent R. Fox, Pharm.D., ('00) Excellence in Leadership
2010 Troy S. Stillings, Pharm.D., ('00) Excellence in Practice
Marissa Quinones, Pharm.D., ('04) Excellence in Leadership
Paul Lockman, Ph.D., ('03) Excellence in Research
2011 Sachin Shah, Pharm.D., ('00) Excellence in Research
Rebecca Sleeper, Pharm.D., (Res '00) Excellence in Leadership
Sarah Ussery, Pharm.D., ('06) Excellence in Practice
2012 Brian K. Irons, Pharm.D., ('00) Excellence in Practice
Brandon Sucher, Pharm.D., ('01) Excellence in Practice
2013 Brandy McGinnis, Pharm.D., ('04) Excellence in Practice
2014 Tadd Hellwig, PharmD, ('06) Excellence in Practice
2015 Carlos Alvarez, Pharm.D., ('04) Excellence in Practice
2016 Steve Rodriguez, Pharm.D., ('01) Excellence in Practice
Lyndsi White, Pharm.D., ('06) Excellence in Leadership
2018 Ilka Ratsaphangthong, Pharm.D. (’02), MHA Excellence in Leadership
2019 P. Race Dulin, PharmD ('07), MBA, BCPS
2020 Jessica R. Crow, PharmD ('06), BCCCP, BCPS-AQ Cardiology, CNSC, FCCM Excellence in Research
Amber L. Elliott, PharmD ('09), BCPS Excellence in Practice

Distinguished Alumni Awards Nominations

Take a moment to nominate a deserving alumnus/alumna of a SOP pharmacy training program (PharmD, PhD, resident/fellow) who has distinguished themselves in leadership, practice, or research.

Nominations open in the spring of each year. Submit nominations online through the TTUHSC Distinguished Alumni Nominations website.