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Medical research performed today will save lives tomorrow. The Garrison Institute on Aging (GIA) is actively engaged in cutting-edge medical research to discover the causes of, and develop treatments for, diseases of the brain. First and foremost, among these disorders is Alzheimer’s disease. Research efforts to understand Alzheimer’s, as well as other diseases of the brain, require the use of human brain tissue obtained at autopsy. In 2007, GIA initiated a brain donation program to provide this vital resource. Autopsies from both individuals with and without dementia provide brain tissue that is urgently needed.
Another important reason the Brain Bank program was developed to provide diagnostic information to families. Although a neurologist can clinically diagnose Alzheimer’s disease with a high degree of accuracy, a brain autopsy is the only definitive way to confirm the disease. The findings of a brain autopsy can shed light on the types, severity and complexity of dementia. Many families find the autopsy helps them in coping and understanding their loved one’s battle with dementia and may answer many of their lingering questions.

Enrollment Process

Enrolling in the GIA Brain Bank program takes time and planning. Arrangements should be made in advance to make this process easy and convenient for everyone involved. If you are considering enrolling yourself or a family member into the program, contact Ruben Gonzales at 806-743-2408. You will be mailed a GIA Brain Bank enrollment packet and a staff member will guide you through the process and assist in completing the necessary forms.

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You Can Make A Difference 


This program is made possible because of the generous financial support provided by individuals and families. To make a monetary  donation to Honor a Loved One, click here. You will be directed to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center online giving website.

You can also mail your donation to this address: TTUHSC Garrison Institute on Aging
Brain Bank Program,
3601 4th Street, MS 9424, Lubbock, Texas 79430-9424.