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The Brain Bank was developed with two service-minded objectives:

  • Provide a free brain autopsy to confirm clinical diagnosis.
  • Collect, bank and provide brain tissue to qualified scientific researchers studying diseases related to dementia.

The GIA Brain Bank (Director, Ruben Gonzales) not only serves families of patients with dementia/AD but 
also provides an opportunity for research on brain tissues.  Based on our recently completed molecular quality analysis (RIN) of our 200 GIA brains, we can say with confidence that half of them are of the quality level suitable for use and perhaps sharing for research.  We already used some brain samples for our own research.  This will greatly enhance our grant applications and our ability to collaborate and advance knowledege about AD and interventions.

Steps to Brain Bank donation

Ideally, arrangements will be made in advance to minimize brain cell breakdown between time of death and the completion of an autopsy.

The GIA has prepared "documentation of intent for autopsy" packets. We will help you complete this packet and distribute the form to the pathologist, physician or appropriate party.


Got Questions?

We're here to help. Contact us if you have questions.

Ruben Gonzales
3601 4th Street, Room 4A 124
Lubbock, TX 79430