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Ongoing Research Grants &

Outreach Support

USDA/NIFA - PI: Volker Neugebauer and Leslie Shen (Pathology)

2021-67017-34026 "Ginger root extract for neuropathic pain"

Total costs: $500,000

NIH/NINDS - PI: Volker Neugebauer and Shashank Dravid (Creighton University)

R01 NS118731 “Trans-synaptic signaling complex in amygdala pain mechanisms”

Total costs:  $2,674,615

NIH/NINDS - PI: Guangchen Ji (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) and Edita Navratilova (University of Arizona) Co-I: Volker Neugebauer and Frank Porreca (University of Arizona)

R01 NS109255 "Pronociceptive and antinociceptive opioid mechanisms in the central nucleus of the Amygdala"

Total costs:  $2,544,148

NIH/NINDS - PI: Volker Neugebauer and Frank Porreca (University of Arizona)

R01 NS106902 “Stress-induced descending facilitation from amygdala kappa opioid receptors in functional pain”

Total costs: $ 2,740,180

NIH/NINDS - PI: Volker Neugebauer

R01 NS038261 “Amygdala Pain Mechanisms”

Total costs: $1,673,440

NIH/NIAAA - PI: Igor Ponomarev (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Co-I: Volker Neugebauer

R01 AA027096 “The neuroimmune model of excessive alcohol consumption: Transition to Alcohol Use Disorder”

Total costs: $ 2,868,750

Corporation for National Community Service - PI: Susan Thompson

"Lubbock Retired and Senior Volunteer Program."

Total costs: $58,787

NIH – PI: Maria Manczak

R21 AG061674 “Reduced DRP1 and Mitophagy in Alzheimer's Disease”

Total costs: $400,000

Volker Neugebauer, Naima Moustaid-Moussa and Preethi Gunaratne

"Global gene expression profiling of high fat and fish oil effects in a mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease" 

Total costs: $10,000

Collaborative Seed Grant Program

in Aging 

PI: Duke Appiah, GSBS, Gabriela Ashworth, SOM, GIA; Co-I: Nandidni Nair, SOM, and Annette Boles, GIA

“Mind your heart: the association of heart/vascular aging with mild cognitive impairment using
data from project FRONTIER”.

Total cost: $19,727

PI: Gabriela Ashworth, SOM; Co-I: Duke Appiah, GSBS, and Annette Boles, GIA

“Biopsychosocial predictors of cognitive stability, decline, and resilience in a sample of older, rural dwelling West Texans: a retrospective cohort study using data from project FRONTIER”

Total cost: $20,000

PI: Alyce Ashcraft, SON, Donna Owen, SON, and John Culberson, SOM

“Alzheimer’s disease and urinary tract infection: nursing home work flow encompassing CNA, LVN,
and PCP communication”

Total cost: $20,000

PI: Maria Manczak, GIA, SOM; Co-I, Igor Ponomarev, SOM, GSBS

“Impact of mitochondrial fission protein DRP1 on autophagy/mitophagy pathway under
tauopathies conditions”

Total cost: $20,000

PI: Gail Cornwall, SOM; Co-I: Hemachandra Reddy, SOM, GSBS, SHP

“Host defense amyloids in the brain”

Total cost: $20,000

PI: Kevin Pruitt, SOM, GSBS, and Josh Lawrence, GSBS, GIA, SOM

“Role of aberrant Wnt/Ca2+ signaling in Alzheimer’s disease and cancer”

Total cost: $20,000

PI: Josee Guindon, SOM, GSBS; Co-I, Maria Manczak, SOM, GIA, and John Culberson, SOM

“Role of mitochondrial dysfunction in changing inflammatory factors in aging mice subjected to chemotherapy-induced pain sensitivity”

Total cost: $20,000

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