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Healthy Lubbock

The Healthy Lubbock Initiative seeks to make Lubbock and its surrounding communities a healthier place to live by supporting and encouraging people to improve nutrition, increase physical activity, and exercise regularly to promote wellness.

Program Vision:

  • Provide and promote healthy activities and options for everyone in Lubbock and the surrounding communities. 
  • Educate individuals about healthy behavioral choices for themselves and for their families in a positive and affirming manner.
  • Play a leadership role in developing, implementing and tracking various health initiatives. 
  • Establish relationships with community organizations and individuals.
  • Increase marketing and promotional efforts for the awareness and identity of healthy programs in the community. 
  • Be recognized as one the healthiest cities in the state. 

Community Collaborations

Healthy Lubbock collaborates with community groups and organizations to promote sustainable active living and healthy eating.

Community Health Assessment

Lubbock Community Health Assessment 2018 Results


Health and Wellness Events: 

Healthy Lubbock works closely with the Mayor's Fitness Council, Community Gardens and Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department.

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Active Living


Healthy Eating


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