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Recognizing the efforts of coworkers, peers and team members shouldn’t be limited to formal, institutional programs! There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” formula for expressing appreciation or complimenting hard work. By acknowledging people and groups within the workplace, you provide a voice that makes others feel seen and valued. 

Having trouble formulating your appreciation? Here are some tips to letting others know their efforts are recognized:

  • Timely
    Providing recognition right away can help the recipient feel noticed—even for smaller tasks! While some actions are better recognized through scheduled, larger-scale recognition events, in-the-moment acknowledgment gives team members the encouragement to perform even the smallest tasks with intention and integrity. 
  • Specific
    Over-generalized or vague compliments don't quite resonate the way a specific statement does. Calling out an individual's precise actions—and the exact impact that those actions achieved—encourages that level of hard work for future tasks. 
  • Personal
    Messages of gratitude are impactful when people feel their hard work is recognized, but personalizing your appreciation creates a greater level of significance for the recipient. Emphasize the aspects of team members that make them not just accomplished workers, but unique individuals.

Looking for Ways to Recognize Team Members? Browse Our Ideas and Share Yours!

TTUHSC offers several unique, inspiring ways to deliver meaningful recognition to a team member or group. Browse our ideas below!

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IT Solution Center Awards

The Lubbock IT Solution Center staff meet after work on the second Tuesday of each month for the IT Solution Center Awards. Over drinks and appetizers, each of the managers in the ITSC presents one of their team members with an award and a drink of their choice. Awards are customized and celebrate recent accomplishments.

EXTERNAL Relations newsletter highlighting weekly Kudos

External Relations Kudos

The External Relations department reaches out weekly to all team members calling for Kudos. These recognitions are published in the department newsletter, highlighting jobs well done, both big and small, that took place within the week.

Recognition Idea Exchange

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Recognition of any kind can be an effective way to communicate appreciation. Whether it's recognizing the whole office, an individual staffer or a colleague, a little gratitude goes a long way. Here are some other simple ideas:

  • Take your employees to a long lunch.
  • Bring them their favorite morning drink.
  • Have a team building afternoon and recognize each person's contributions.
  • Have a 1/2 day Friday.
  • Bring them their favorite sweet treat with a note.
  • Make a Sonic run for office drinks.
  • Write a simple note.
  • Give a $5 gift card for coffee/tea/soda places.
  • Host an Ice Cream Social.