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Holiday Schedule


September 5 Monday Labor Day
November 24 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
November 25 Friday Thanksgiving Holiday
December 26 Monday Winter Holiday
December 30 Friday New Year’s Holiday


January 16 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
March 17 Friday Spring Break
May 29 Monday Memorial Day
June 19 Monday Emancipation Day
July 4 Tuesday Independence Day Holiday

» Download the TTUHSC Holiday Schedule (FY 2023)

» Download the TTUHSC Holiday Schedule (FY 2022)

Note: State law provides for 17 state holidays. In FY 2023 four (4) holidays fall on a weekend and cannot be substituted for other regular working days. The state will observe thirteen (13) holidays in FY 2023, which is one more than FY 2022. TTUHSC will observe ten (10) holidays. An additional three (3) days of holiday entitlement will be accrued to employees’ holiday comp balance at the rate of two hours per month with a maximum accrual of 24 hours.

Under the provisions of Article V of Senate Bill 5, 73rd Legislature, Regular Session, a state employee is entitled to observe optional holidays, such as Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Cesar Chavez Day and Good Friday. Since the university is closed on scheduled holidays, employees who wish to take an optional holiday will be required to use vacation leave or compensatory time. Log in to WebRaider to check your leave balance.

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