SWCC-BCE Accountability and Responsibility | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

The organizational infrastructure of the program creates a model of accountability through the Steering Committee dedicated to the mission of the SWCC-BCE. The committee activities are documented for the annual reports for the Associate Dean for Research at TTUHSC main campus in Lubbock who oversees the centers of excellence across TTUHSC.

The Steering Committee is a group of individuals representing all aspects of breast care from various disciplines (based on the scope of each campus’s provided services) to affect comprehensive planning and quality assurance. This committee is overseen by the Executive Director who prepares the final reports for submission to the Associate Dean for Research. The committees meet every quarter to:

  • Set standards of care according to nationally accepted guidelines
  • Develop a quality assurance matrix
  • Monitor adherence to standards via predefined measures
  • Review data reports
  • Identify quality improvement projects with outcome measures
  • Identify needs for the annual report to the Associate Dean for Research

The steering committee pursues the program development, expansion, and measures of success in accordance with the bylaws that govern the systems in partnership. The Executive Director of the Breast Centers of Excellence prepares a yearly report for submission to the Associate Dean for Research; and also pursues the potential sources of funding for any needs identified by the Steering Committee so that financial planning can be sought via the appropriate facility.

Funding opportunities are reviewed with special emphasis towards indigent care which is a significant concern in the Texas South Plains.