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Residency Program - Benefits


The stipends for interns and residents at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center are consistent with other medical centers in the Southwest and may undergo increased adjustments each year as appropriate. There are increments for each additional year of approved training.

Year 2023-24 stipends:

  • PGY1: $61,570.02
  • PGY2: $62,961.99
  • PGY3: $64,950.21
  • PGY4: $66,936.99
  • PGY5: $68,923.76
  • PGY6: $70,913.45
  • PGY7: $72,903.14

Resident Benefits

  • Insurance:
  • Vacation:
         PGY 1-3: 3 weeks per year
         PGY 4-5: 4 weeks per year
  • Registration fees paid for ATLS, ABLS, FLS, FES, ATLS Instructor Course and ACLS re-certification
  • Lab coats which includes laundering
  • Meal card ($100 per month) plus discount in UMC Cafeteria
  • Membership dues paid for ACS, SBAS and AWS
  • Subscriptions paid for TrueLearn and SCORE
  • Pass Machine subscription provided at PGY 5 year (post ABSITE)
  • Loupes provided at PGY 2 year
  • Suturing Practice Supplies for PGY 1
         Needle Driver           Practice suture board
         Forceps                     Knot tying board
  • Travel expenses paid when presenting at a conference
  • Free parking
  • TTUHSC Library which includes access to research databases, eBooks, online journals, Exam Master and Board Vitals
  • Other textbooks and learning materials as deemed necessary

Got Questions?

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Danielle Shears
Residency Program Manager

Phone:  (806) 743-2332
Fax:       (806) 743-1475

Address:  3601 4th St.
                  Room 3A118
                  Lubbock, TX 79430