Residency Program - Expectations

Patient Care and Ethical Standards

Residents are expected to provide compassionate patient care with the highest moral and ethical values. The residents should be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, including the patients, the patient's family members, allied health care personnel, fellow residents, and medical students while maintaining complete professionalism.

Learning skills & Professional Growth

Residents are expected to develop a personal program of self-improvement and professional growth with guidance from the teaching staff. The understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of surgical disorders is absolutely necessary. This will allow for sound, evidence based surgical judgment.

Clinical and Technical Skills

Residents are expected acquire clinical and technical skills as demonstrated by excellence in patient care. This excellence must be practiced at all levels including prevention of disease, preoperative evaluation, differential diagnosis, diagnostic work-up, operative intervention, post-operative care and long term follow-up.

Educational Activities

Residents are expected to participate in the educational process of their subordinate residents and medical students. They are also expected to participate in the organization of their educational conferences.

Research activity

Residents are expected to participate in at least one research project or be involved in the publication of at least one case report during their residency.

Policies and Procedures

Follow established practices, procedures, and policies of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, the Department of Surgery and affiliated hospitals.

Medical Records

Residents are expected to complete medical records operative notes progress notes, patient database cards and other patient care related documentation in a timely and accurate manner.

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