SWCC-BCE Operational Structure | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

The Executive Director of the SWCC-BCE at Lubbock holds an active appointment as tenured professor at the department of Surgery at TTUHSC, Lubbock. Currently, this appointment is held by Dr. Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman who has the primary responsibility of the program and accountability for the management and operation of the Center. In Lubbock, TTUHSC has the main campus that works very closely with UMC for all academic, research and clinical service programs. Oncology services within the system are provided through the SWCC. This partnership provides the comprehensive imaging, medical/radiation, and supportive services so that all patients receive comprehensive care.

The SWCC-BCE truly provides a comprehensive approach to breast care. This is achieved via two interdependent approaches: a comprehensive facility-based assessment and treatment of breast disease; and a robust community-based approach for effective outreach, education and advocacy. The facility-based programs encompass the entire array from benign disease to high risk status for cancer to multidisciplinary management of breast cancer. The university facilities also offer a state-of-the-art academic environment for teaching of basic breast care to medical students and a structured (and accredited) subspecialty fellowship training for advanced level graduates of surgical/gynecology residency programs; the centers focus on research in clinical, basic and educational sciences. The community-based programs have a hub at the main UMC facility in Lubbock that actively engages in the community outreach programs partnering with Komen Foundation, and other local organizations. The community outreach program specifically targets the unique cultural and socio-economic milieu of the Texas South Plains with innovative programs to raise awareness and provide services to this largely underinsured population through leveraging the Cancer Prevention Institute of Texas prevention funding opportunities.

The SWCC-BCE comprehensive program not only serves to advance our understanding of breast health and cancer but also provides quality assurance for our center via prospective data collection on National Quality Forum (NQF) measures pertaining to breast disease.