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The research program is multi-directional. The center has a prospective database for cancer tracking which will provides an excellent tool for clinical outcomes research. This entails a fulltime data manager position committed to maintaining quality of this tool and generation of reports. The University also provides support for local and national grants for specific projects via the Clinical Research Unit. The database provides a quality assurance measure for our center feedback. The center also partners with the Jerry H. Hodge School of Pharmacy faculty for advancement of translational research. This entails a monthly translational meeting to discuss lab-based projects and clinical questions to come up with translational proposals for future grants. We also report on results of our training modules for the community to assess their reproducibility.

Over the last eighteen months, this program has generated the following research endeavors:

  • Women Inspiring, Serving and Educating (WISE) woman program preliminary results of an educational intervention. 34th Annual Symposium. April 2010.
  • The Effect of Paget’s Disease on Survival in Breast Cancer. 63rd Annual Cancer Symposium. March 2010. St. Louis MO, USA
  • Prevalence of Psychiatric Diagnoses in Breast Cancer patients. 32nd San Antonio International Breast Cancer Symposium. December 2009. San Antonio, TX, USA.
  • FACT-B analysis: Quality of life after breast cancer how can we improve survivorship? Submitted to ASCO for October 2010 meeting, New York, NY
  • Breast Cancer Staging with Magnetic Resonance for Treatment Planning (B-SMART trial):  funded by Laura W. Bush Institute of Women’s Health - 50 patients enrolled thus far
  • In each of the above-listed projects, third year medical students were mentored through scientific and ethical conduct of the research project.

Current Research

WISE Woman Survey

Researchers: Rakhshanda Layeequr-Rahman, MD

Survivorship Program Specific to the Needs of a Particular Population

Researchers: Rakhshanda Layeequr-Rahman, MD

CIS - revamped plan with presentations at Grand Rounds, etc.

Researchers: Rakhshanda Layeequr-Rahman, MD